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  Catarina Maduro Rasquilha Simal de Lemos  
  Phone: Extensão (UA) - 23217  
  e-mail: catarinalemos@ua.pt  
  Category: Phd Research Fellow  
  Department: CESAM - Geosciences Department (UA)  
  Research group: Oceanography & Marine Geology
  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/catarinalemos  
  Thesis title: Integrated Coastal Risk Analysis for the Aveiro Region
  Supervisor: Prof. Doutor Luis Menezes Pinheiro, Profª. Doutora Celeste Coelho
  Category: ES

Graduation in Geological Engineering, University of Aveiro, 2006.

Master in Geological Engineering, University of Aveiro, 2008. Merit Premium, as one of the 8 best Engineering students of the University of Aveiro, finishing the graduation in 2008.

Small Courses:

  • Scientific Communication (2013); Mark: 19/20 (Advanced Course)

  • ArcGIS (2011): Mark 100/100 (Advanced Course)

  • Risks Evaluation (2011); MArk: 18/20 (Academic Course)

Research Interests

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Digital Elevation Models

Coastal Risks Analysis:

  • Tsunami Impact

  • Environmental Sensitivity Index Maps

  • Soil Liquefaction

  • High Resolution Flood Maps

  • Oil Spill Modelling (OILMAP software)

  • Marine Geology

Participation in Projects

Project SEDDAPORT(Part II) - "Nature and origin of the sedimentary units associated with the mud volcanoes from the Moroccan and South-Portuguese Atlantic margins: a multidisciplinary approach". (2010/2011) 

Project GEOCAD(Part II) - "Sedimentological and geochemical study of mud vulcanoes from the Morrocan and South Portuguese margins of Gulf of Cadiz". (2008/2009) 

Research Fellow under the Project MVSEIS (Part II) - "Tectonic control, deep crustal structure and fluid escape pathways in the Gulf of Cadiz Mud Volcano Field". (2009) 
Financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

Research Fellow under the Project SADOGEOROB- "Changes in the Coastline, Neotectonics and Evolution of the submarine delta of the Sado river during the Quaternary: an approach integrating geology and robotic submarine vehicles". (2007/2008) 
Financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

Professional Experience

Junior Consultor at Applied Science Consultoria, São Paulo (Brasil). (2010)
Internship at Applied Science Associates, EUA. (2008)

Oral Presentations

Pinheiro, L. M.; Ivanov M.; Magalhães, V.; Roque, C.; Lemos, C.; Bezerra, R.; Antunes, A.; Alaoui, N.; Aguado, B.; Coutinho, J.; Gonçalves, C. & TTR-17 Leg Shipboard Scientific Party. Preliminary Results from the TTR-17 LEG-2 Cruise in the Gulf of Cadiz. Granada,Spain, February 2009, International Conference and TTR-17 Post-Cruise Meeting.

Pinheiro, L.; Ferreira, M, Cardoso, S.; Lemos, C., Azevedo, L. (2008). Marine Geology and Geophysics: social applications (in Portuguese). Olhão, Portugal, March 2008, EXPOMAR. Pinheiro, L.; Cardoso, S.; Lemos, C. (2007). The world of Geology and Marine Geophysics (in Portuguese).

Aveiro, October 2007 - Week of Science and Technology of the University of Aveiro;
Lousã, January 2008, Week of Science and Technology.

Felizardo, D.; Lemos, C.; Lopes, M. (2007), The Plate Load Test (in Portuguese).
University of Aveiro, Geosciences Department, May 2007.

Lemos, C. (2006), Introduction to Rock Mechanics (in Portuguese)
Benedita, March 2007 - Open Science Day, Benedita College, Benedita, Portugal

Participation in Scientific Cruises

June/July 2008 (23-06 - 4/07): Scientific Cruise TTR17, on board the RV Professor
Logachev, in the scope of the Euromargins/MVSEIS European research project, in cooperation with the International Project Training Through Research (TTR) from IOC/UNESCO. Duration: 2 weeks;

April 2008: Cruise CVIVA08: On board the vessel Ria Azul, in the scope of a Science Outreach Project that involves several high-resolution reflection seismic campaigns with children from schools to show them the magnificent world of marine geology and geophysics. Duration: 1 week;

November 2007: Cruise RIAFORMOSA-07: Geophysics applied to Underwater Archaeology, in the Ria Formosa (Olhão, Portugal), on board of the vessel Jodi II, with the objective of contributing to the find of a submerged fortress from the XVII century. Duration: 3 days;

August 2007(23/08 - 9/09): Spanish Scientific Cruise MOUNDFORCE, on board of the French oceanographic ship L'Atalante. Investigation of mud volcanism in the Gulf of Cadiz and the South Portuguese Margin. Duration: 3 weeks;

July 2007: Summer Academy Cruise_07. On board the vessel Ria Azul. Included several seismic campaigns with children as a science outreach activity. Duration: 1 week;

July 2005 (23/08 - 9/09): Scientific Cruise TTR15. On board the RV Prof. Logachev, in the scope of the Euromargins/MVSEIS research project, in cooperation with the International Project Training Through Research (TTR), from IOC/UNESCO. I participated as part of the geophysics team.

  1. Lemos C.M.R. (em curso) Análise Integrada de Risco na Faixa Litoral do Distrito de Aveiro. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  2. Lemos C M R (2008) Base de dados geoambiental SIG para apoio à gestão do risco em Aveiro. MSc Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://ria.ua.pt/handle/10773/2721