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Susana Cardoso Pereira Firmino Vaz

Susana Cardoso Pereira Firmino Vaz

PhD Student

  • Researcher ID
  • Department: Department of Physics
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor : AU=(Pereira SC or Pereira S or Pereira Susana Cardoso) AND AD=(Aveiro) NOT AD=(CICECO)
  • Thesis title: Evaluation of uncertainties with the prediction of precipitation of short lived high precipitation events in mainland Portugal Supervisor: Prof. Alfredo Rocha / Profª Ana Cristina Carvalho Category: BO Grant type: BD Funding entity: FCT Grant reference: SFRH/BD/65982/2009 Start date: 2010-02-01 End date: 2014-01-31



CLICURB - Urban atmospheric quality, climate change and resilience See more

RESORT - High-resolution Rainfall EroSivity analysis and fORecasTing See more

Scientific Supervision

Interests and Research

Numerical Weather Prediction - Extreme Weather Events Precipitation; Heavy rainfall; short-lived heavy precipitation.

Forecast verification - Object-based verification of precipitação

Group of Meteorology and Climatology of Universidade de Aveiro - CLiMA@UA (

Curriculum Vitae

2010. PhD Scholarship. University of Aveiro.  (2nd year)
(FCT SFRH/BD/65982/2009 since FEB 2010 to FEB 2014).

b) academic career:
Registration in the Doctoral Programme MAP-FIS - Expected conclusion date; 2014.

2008 - MsC in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology - Universidade de Aveiro - final classification - 15 (out of 20).

2004 -  Specialization Course in the MsC of Climate and Atmospheric Environment - Universidade de Évora-  final classification - 15 (out of 20).

Team Member

Group of Meteorology and Climatology of University of Aveiro - CLiM@UA 

CESAM Funding: