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  Ana Carla Ramos da Silva Gonçalves  
  e-mail: acgoncalves@ua.pt  
  Category: PhD Student  
  Department: Biology  
  Research group: Functional Biodiversity
  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/acgoncalves  
  Thesis title: Tools for a taxonomic revision of genus Calendula L.
  Supervisor: Paulo Silveira
  Category: BO
  Grant type: BD
  Funding entity: FCT
  Grant reference: SFRHBD514642011
  Start date: 2011-09-01
  End date: 2015-08-01
Research interests

- Plant systematics and ecology (Mediterranean area and Macaronesia)

- Nature conservation

- Molecular biology

-Asteraceae (Calenduleae - Calendula)

Academic degrees

2008 - 2009: Master in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management. Department of Biology. University of Aveiro, Portugal. 

Thesis: Flora of Distrit of Aveiro (Paeoneacea -Linacea). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Paulo Silveira and Prof. Dr.ª Rosa Pinho

2003 - 2007: Degree in Biology. University S. Ursula, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Thesis: Intraespecific variation in wood anatomy of Caesalpinia echinata Lam. (Leguminosae - Caesalpinioidae). Supervisor: Prof. Dr.Claudia F. Barros.

Work experience

2011 - 201- : BD fellowship in the program Globa Science - FCT/UNESCO - SFRH/BD/51464/2011

2008 - 2009: Herbarium University of Aveiro

2006 - 2007: Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

2007 - 2007: Santo Inacio College 

2005 - 2005: CIECERJ - CEDERJ

Revision of manuscripts

2013-2014: Chapter: Calendula L., In book: Flore Pratique du Maroc, Publisher: Institute Scientifique Université Mohammed V - Rabat, Editors: Mohamed Fennane, Mohammed Ibn Tattou, Jalal El Oualidi, pp.270-275

2012-2015: Chapter: Calendula L., In book: Flora Iberica XVI,  Publisher: Real Jardín Botánico, CSIC, Madrid, Editors: Castroviejo S., Aedo C., Cirujano S., Laínz M., Montserrat P., Morales R., Muñoz Garmendia F., Navarro C., Paiva J., Soriano C.

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    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00606-013-0767-0
  2. Silveira P.C., Gonçalves A.C.R.S., Santos C., Paiva J.A.R. (2013) Two lectotypifications and a new combination in Calendula (Asteraceae) for Flora Iberica. Phytotaxa. 145, 1, 47-53. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/phytotaxa.145.1.5
  1. Silveira P.C., Gonçalves A.C.R.S. (in press) Calendula L. (Compositae). In: Flora iberica - Plantas vasculares de la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares . (EDS.), Madrid. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (CSIC). 16, (see details)
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  1. Gonçalves A.C.R. (2009) A Flora do Distrito de Aveiro : Paeoniaceae a Linaceae. MSc Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://ria.ua.pt/handle/10773/877
  1. Gonçalves A.C., Castro S., Santos C., Silveira P. (2015) A morphometric analysis of Calendula L. in the Iberian Peninsula and its taxonomic implications. (see details)
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