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  Carla Teotónio  
  e-mail: carla.teotonio@ua.pt  
  Category: PhD student  
  Department: Environment and Planning Department  
  Research group: Coastal Zone Planning & Manag.
  Thesis title:
  Supervisor: Peter Roebeling
  Category: ES
Aqua_Add - Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development [see details]

  1. Roebeling P., Saraiva M., Palla A., Gnecco I., Teotonio C., Fidelis T., Martins F., Alves H., Rocha J. (2017) Assessing the socio-economic impacts of green/blue space, urban residential and road infrastructure projects in the Confluence (Lyon): a hedonic pricing simulation approach. Journal Of Environmental Planning And Management. 60, 3, 482-499. (see details) ISI paper
  2. Saraiva M., Roebeling P., Sousa S., Teotonio C., Palla A., Gnecco I. (2017) Dimensions of shrinkage: Evaluating the socio-economic consequences of population decline in two medium-sized cities in Europe, using the SULD decision support tool. Environment And Planning B-urban Analytics And City Science. 44, 6, 1122-1144. (see details) ISI paper
  3. Teotonio C., Fortes P., Roebeling P., Rodriguez M., Robaina-Alves M. (2017) Assessing the impacts of climate change on hydropower generation and the power sector in Portugal: A partial equilibrium approach. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 74, 788-799. (see details) ISI paper
  1. Teotónio C., Rodriguez M., Roebeling P., Fortes P. (2016) Macroeconomic and sectoral impacts of energy efficiency targets: a general equilibrium approach for Portugal. (see details)
  2. Roebeling, P., C. Teotónio, M. Saraiva, H. Alves, J. Rocha, C. Baptista, T. Fidélis and F. Martins (2014) Assessing the benefits from combined urban parks and retention basins using the SULD decision support tool: a case study for the city of Aveiro (Portugal). (see details)
  1. Roebeling, P.C., M. Saraiva, I. Gnecco, A. Palla, C. Teotónio, H. Alves, J. Rocha, T. Fidélis and F. Martins (2014) Sustainable Urbanizing Landscape Development (SULD) decision support tool: report on other Aqua Cases. Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), Department of Environment and Planning (DAO), University of Aveiro (UA). (see details)