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LIFE INDEX-AIR - Development of an Integrated Exposure – Dose Management Tool for Reduction of Particulate Matter in Air
Coordinator - Marta Almeida
CESAM Responsible researcher - Ana Isabel Miranda
Programme - LIFE+
Execution dates - 2016-10-01 - 2020-03-31 (42 Months)
Funding Entity - European Commission
Funding for CESAM - 119 €
Total Funding - 792 €
Proponent Institution - Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares, Instituto Superior Técnico
Participating Institutions
Universidade de Aveiro
National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”
National Institute for Health and Welfare
Technical University of Crete

This project aims to incorporate a database of outdoor and indoor air quality and a package of models to develop an innovative and versatile policy support tool, specifically designed to support decision makers that will establish a relation between population exposure to mixtures of PM compounds and emission sources, allowing to identify measures to improve air quality and quantitatively assess the impacts of those measures not only on air quality but also on the population health amd wellbeing. The tool will be implemented in 5 EU cities: Lisbon, Porto, Athens, Kuopio and Treviso.

Members on this project
Joana Ferreira
Myriam Lopes