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title Influence of the spatial resolution of satellite-derived vegetation parameters on the biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission modeling
authors Silveira, C.M.S.; Tchepel, O.A.
author full name Silveira, Carlos M. S.; Tchepel, Oxana A.
title Influence of the spatial resolution of satellite-derived vegetation parameters on the biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emission modeling
nationality internacional
source Central European Journal of Geosciences
language English
document type Article
author keywords NDVI; LAI; Biogenic emissions; Volatile Organic Compounds; Spatial resolution
abstract Vegetation is a natural source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that plays an important role in atmospheric chemistry. The main objective of the current study is to implement a model to quantify process-based VOC emissions from plants that focuses on the relationship between the sensitivity of VOC emission estimates to spatial resolution data, based on scientific knowledge and vegetation dynamics derived from satellite observations. The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Leaf Area Index (LAI) were elected to examine this issue using different resolutions of satellite-derived products: 22m from the DEIMOS-1 satellite, and 250m and 1000m provided by MODIS. The study is focused on an area of 80x80km(2) in Portugal for 2011. Detailed land cover and meteorological data are also included in the emission quantification algorithm. The primary outcomes were determined using a multi-scale analysis showing spatial and temporal variations in the vegetation parameters and modeling results. The results confirm that the emissions model is highly sensitive to the spatial resolution of the satellite-derived data, resulting in about a 30% difference in total isoprene emissions for the study area.
author address [Silveira, Carlos M. S.] Univ Aveiro, CESAM, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Silveira, Carlos M. S.] Univ Aveiro, Dept Environm & Planning, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Tchepel, Oxana A.] Univ Coimbra, Fac Sci & Technol, P-3070788 Coimbra, Portugal
reprint address Silveira, CMS (reprint author), Univ Aveiro, CESAM, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal.
e-mail address oxana@uc.pt
funding agency and grant number Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education [PTDC/CTE-ATM/103253/2008, FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-009305]
funding text The Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education is acknowledged for the financial support of the project EMOSAT (PTDC/CTE-ATM/103253/2008, FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-009305).
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cited reference count 22
publisher city WARSAW
publisher address SOLIPSKA 14A-1, 02-482 WARSAW, POLAND
issn 2081-9900
iso source abbreviation CENT EUR J GEOSCI
publication date Cent. Eur. J. Geosci.
year published 2014
volume 6
issue 1
beginning page 104
ending page 111
digital object identifier (doi) 10.2478/s13533-012-0166-z
page count 8
web of science category Geosciences, Multidisciplinary
subject category Geology
unique article identifier AI3AT
link http://dx.doi.org/10.2478/s13533-012-0166-z
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