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title Characterizing active wadi channels in arid lands by linear mixture modeling
authors Koch, M; Blanco-Ward, D; El-Baz, F
editors Cecchi, G; Engman, ET; Zilioli, E
author full name Koch, M; Blanco-Ward, D; El-Baz, F
title Characterizing active wadi channels in arid lands by linear mixture modeling
nationality nacional
language English
document type Proceedings Paper
conference title Conference on Remote Sensing for Earth Science, Ocean, and Sea Ice Applications
conference date SEP 20-24, 1999
conference location FLORENCE, ITALY
conference sponsors Univ Florence, Dept Earth Sci, European Opt Soc, SPIE, CNR, NASA, Italian Soc Opt & Photon, Italian Space Agcy
author keywords arid land geomorphology; active wadis; flash floods; spectral unmixing; Landsat TM
abstract The assessment of flash flood potential of wadi (dry river) systems in arid lands is often difficult because of the lack of sufficiently long rainfall and discharge records of the infrequent and spatially variable rainfall events. Characterization of active wadi systems by remote sensing may offer an alternative solution. A methodology is presented to characterize the channel infill of wadi systems based on the soil composition, and the geomorphic and geologic properties of drainage basins. Spectral mixture modeling is performed on a Landsat TM image to identify the source material (endmembers) and source upland area of the alluvial infill. Endmembers are determined by two methods: (1) identifying pure image pixels, and (2) using spectral libraries representing main rock units of the drainage basin. Both methods are evaluated in terms of their ability to establish the relative contribution of upland source rocks to the overall alluvium composition in the lowland. The identification of wadi systems that are presently most active (high stream-power values) and efficient in transporting sediments to the basin outlet may enable identification of areas prone to flash floods.
author address Boston Univ, Ctr Remote Sensing, Boston, MA 02215 USA
reprint address Koch, M (reprint author), Boston Univ, Ctr Remote Sensing, Boston, MA 02215 USA.
cited references Adams J. B., 1993, REMOTE GEOCHEMICAL A, P145; Boardman JW, 1995, JPL PUBLICATION, P23; GREEN AA, 1988, IEEE T GEOSCI REMOTE, V26, P65, DOI 10.1109/36.3001; Mather P. M., 1999, ADV REMOTE SENSING G, P7; Metternicht GI, 1998, REMOTE SENS ENVIRON, V64, P254, DOI 10.1016/S0034-4257(97)00172-7; SMITH CW, 1986, J GEOPHYS RES, V91, P81, DOI 10.1029/JA091iA01p00081; STANGER G, 1986, THEIS OPEN U UK; STEARNS SV, 1999, 13 INT C APPL GEOL R, V1, P81
cited reference count 8
times cited 1
total times cited count (wos, bci, and cscd) 1
publisher city BELLINGHAM
publisher address 1000 20TH ST, PO BOX 10, BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-0010 USA
issn 0277-786X
isbn 0-8194-3463-9
29-character source abbreviation P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS
year published 1999
volume 3868
beginning page 261
ending page 270
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1117/12.373111
page count 10
web of science category Geology; Geosciences, Multidisciplinary; Remote Sensing; Optics
subject category Geology; Remote Sensing; Optics
document delivery number BP39S
unique article identifier WOS:000084986600026
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