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  1. Silva Ivana Aguiar da (em curso) Avaliação do Impacte do ciclo de vida na indústria (título provisório). PhD Thesis. (see details)
  2. Silva L. (em curso) Desenvolvimento de sensores químicos de fibra óptica para monitorização de compostos orgânicos voláteis em ambientes industriais. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  3. Silva M.L.B (em curso) Novo Índice de Integração de Risco para determinação holística do impacto ecológico de contaminantes. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  4. Silva P.A.S. (em curso) Desenho urbano e casos emergentes de descontinuidades na cidade. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  5. Silveira C. (em curso) Development of a biogenic emission model for precursors of secondary organic aerosols using remote sensing data. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  6. Simões J.M.S. (em curso) A Genetic Code Alteration as a Phenotypic Diversity Generator in the Human Pathogen Candida albicans. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  7. Sousa A.C. (em curso) Avaliação da poluição por compostos organoclorados, organoestânicos e alquilfenóis na Costa Continental Portuguesa e estudo do seu efeito na esterilização de populações de moluscos bivalves e gastrópodes. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  8. Sousa E. (em curso) Creating strategies and contents for the science communication of Biodiversity: The case of the new Biodiversity Center in the city of Porto, Portugal. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  9. Tavares S.C.M. (em curso) The transfer of mercury in an estuarine food chain. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  10. Teixeira A. S. (em curso) Terrestrial ecotoxicity under tropical conditions: tools for effect assessment and adaptation of guidelines. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  11. Tim-Tim A.L. (em curso) Environmental impact in Vouga River and thresholds of pesticides in drinking water. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  12. Tomás A (em curso) Parasites of wild birds and environmental changes: impacts and ecological implications. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  13. Vallina A.L. (em curso) Population parameters and genetic structure of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena, Linnaeus 1758) in the North western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  14. Varanda A.S. (em curso) Unraveling the cellular networks that regulate proteotoxic stress. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  15. Vargas C.I.C. (em curso) Termohaline Adjustments Induced by Climate Change and Anthropogenic Interventions in Contrasting Lagoons: Ria de Aveiro and Ria Formosa. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  16. Vieira L.M.S. (em curso) Título ainda não atribuido. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  17. Vilar S. (em curso) Effects of upwelling conditions on larval quality and post-settlement survival in the crab Carcinus maenas. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  18. Carla Gama (2018) Desert dust contribution to the atmospheric aerosol in Cape Verde and in Portugal. PhD Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/23279
  19. Cátia Alexandra Ribeiro Venâncio (2017) Salinization effects on coastal terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. . PhD Thesis. (see details)
  20. Correia B (2017) Linking omics and ecophysiology in Eucalyptus: unravelling stress tolerance in a forest species. PhD Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/18399
  21. Lopes, M. (2017) Acidogenic fermentation of solid organic wastes for biofuel production: Maximization of hydrogen and methane inhibiting consumers microorganisms (SBR). PhD Thesis. (see details)
  22. Oliveira, IB (2017) Emerging antifouling biocides: the search for more environment-friendly compounds. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  23. Sousa L.P. (2017) Model to integrate ecosystem services into the planning process. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  24. Vieira, R.P. (2017) Functioning and vulnerability of continental slope ecosystems: combining stable isotope and visual survey approaches. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  25. Aramuge A.C.F. (2016) Storm surge changes along the Mozambican coast for future climate scenarios. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  26. Barradas C. (2016) Climate change and Botryosphaeriaceae diseases of Eucalyptus in Portugal. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  27. Bertrand A.-S. (2016) Characterization and Conservation of the Iguaçu National Park, Brazil. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  28. Cardoso J.G. (2016) Estudo do Aerossol Atmosférico (poeiras do Sara) na Região de Cabo Verde. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  29. Cruz A. (2016) Spatio-Temporal Evaluation of Air Quality and its Influence on Morbidity. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  30. David Ramos Silva (2016) Valorisation of ashes from biomass combustion on liming and recycling of nutrients to the soil. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  31. Demertzi, M. (2016) Evaluation of the cork sector’s environmental performance through Life Cycle Assessment. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  32. Dionísio G.J.R. (2016) Effects of climate change on the physiology and photobiology of photosynthetic sea slugs. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  33. Duarte M. (2016) Unravelling the genetic basis of the reproductive isolation between two sister species of pine voles living in sympatry. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  34. Fereira R.S.V. (2016) Wildfire effects on soil nutrients stocks and exports by overland flow. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  35. Francisco A. (2016) Micromorphology of the labellum and structure of the osmophore in a group of closely related species of the sexually deceptive orchid genus Ophrys (Orchidaceae). PhD Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://repositorio.ul.pt/handle/10451/23722
  36. Gonçalves D.M.S. (2016) Impactos de obras da engenharia costeira na morfodinâmica sedimentar nas zonas de Vale de Lobo e Barra de Aveiro. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  37. Isabel M.A.N. Campos (2016) Contaminants in ashes and soils following wildfires and their off-site effects. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  38. Jorge D.C. (2016) Atmospheric particulate carbon: distribution aging and wet deposition. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  39. Laranjeiro F.M.G. (2016) The use of Imposex/Intersex as a tool to assess ecological quality status of water bodies. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  40. Lima A.C.S.A. (2016) Assessing the impact of damming on river fishes: Going beyond taxonomy. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  41. Lima F.B. (2016) Secretômica de Trichoderma atroviride e Trichoderma harzianum frente a Guignardia e citricarpa, agente etiológico da Pinta Preta dos Citros. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  42. Lopes C.L. (2016) Flood Risk Assessment in Ria de Aveiro Under Present and Future Scenarios. PhD Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://www.nmec.eu/images/teses/Phd_Lopes2016.pdf
  43. Mendes C.C.D. (2016) Ecological assessment of environmental quality on lotic systems. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  44. Mendes R. (2016) The Douro estuarine plume: detection, processes and dynamics. PhD Thesis. (see details)
    Link: http://www.nmec.eu/images/teses/Renato_Mendes_PhD_tese_final.pdf
  45. Pavlaki M.D. (2016) Bottom-up contamination in marine systems – model trophic levels to predict cadmium flow in marine organisms. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  46. Picado A.T.S. (2016) Influence of physical processes on the primary production along the Iberian Peninsula northwestern coast. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  47. Rey F. (2016) Maternal effect and settlement performance of the green crab Carcinus maenas. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  48. Silva A.R.R.G. (2016) Multigenerational responses in Daphnia magna: pulse and mixture exposures. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  49. Sílvia R. Faria (2016) Wildfire effects on forest soil organic matter stocks and losses by runoff. PhD Thesis. (see details)
  50. Fernandes I. (2015) Infection mechanism of Diplodia corticola. PhD Thesis. (see details)