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  • Internacionais

    ICES Annual Science Conference 2014 (Session: The science and tools for the management of networks of Marine Protected Areas). Coruña, Spain, 15-19 Set 2014 14th Rodens et Spatium – International Conference on Rodents Biology. Lisboa, Portugal, 28 Jul - 2 Ago 2014 Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation. Olhão, Portugal, 17-21 Nov 2014

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  • Nacionais

    Workshop: Efeitos de salinização em ecossistemas dulçaquícolas e terrestres. Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 22 Jul 2014 Curso Avançado "Bioinformatics of microbial genomes and mobile elements: new perspectives and applications". Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 21-25 Jul 2014 Curso Avançado "Deep-Sea Ecosystems: Ecology, Conservation and Technological development". Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 24-28 Fev 2014

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