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Ana Cristina Carvalho

Ana Cristina Carvalho


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  • Department: Physics
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling



RESORT - High-resolution Rainfall EroSivity analysis and fORecasTing See more

Scientific Supervision


Air quality and climate change over Portugal. PhD thesis presented at the University of Aveiro, 23 of February 2006. Aveiro, Portugal.

Papers in international scientific periodicals with referees:
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Present research interests

Actually my major research interests are focus on the ensemble modelling approach applied numerical weather prediction and air quality forecasting. In special, the model settings and physical parameterisations that may account to the overall results uncertainties. This point is also strictly related to studies on different methodologies to estimate monitoring and modelling uncertainties.
The interaction between weather patterns and soil process erosion, dust transport and deposition is also become an important issue. Its study permits to develop my scientific interest on primary aerosols modelling and measurements.

Domain of specializations

My domain of specialisation belongs to the Environmental Sciences. The major topic covered by my work consists on numerical studies on air quality namely: forest fire emissions estimations and fire critical weather pattern simulations for subsequent air quality evaluation; mesoscale circulations, both sea-land breezes and mountain slope circulations, and their interaction with atmospheric pollutant chemical transformation, transport and dispersion. Modelling stratospheric-tropospheric exchange events is also a topic covered by numerical simulations. The impact of climate change on weather patterns, air quality and fire weather risk over Portugal. For that it was necessary to construct anthropogenic and biogenic emission inventories in 2050 at national level, simulate climatic episodes in future climate scenarios at regional level. Long time series analysis of pollutants concentrations and correlations with meteorological variable is also a scientific point developed in my work.

Academic Degrees

2006 PhD in Environmental Sciences. University of Aveiro
2004 Degree Physics – Meteorology and Oceanography (4 year degree). University of Aveiro
1995 Degree in Environmental Engineer (5 year degree). University of Aveiro.

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