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Ana Paula Gomes

Ana Paula Gomes

Assistant Professor

  • Author Name : Gomes, AP



BioValChar - Sustainable valorisation of residual biomass for biochar See more

LIFE REFOREST - Erosion prevention and flora REstauration of burnt FOREST areas through innovative fungal-technosol solution See more

Study of Degraded Areas Recovery with Nanostructured Particles See more

EPyRIS - Joint Strategy for the Protection and Restoration of Ecosystems Affected by Forest Fires. (Integrated management in high-risk natural areas) See more

InPaCTus - Innovative Products and Technologies from Eucalyptus See more

PROTEUS - Products and technologies for the Eucalyptus globulus sector See more

LIFE NoWaste - Management Of Biomass Ash And Organic Waste In The Recovery Of Degraded Soils: A Pilot Project Set In Portugal See more

ECODEEP - Agriculture Industries Eco-eficiency and Eco-management See more

ECOTECH SUDOE - International Network in Life Cycle Analysis and Ecodesign for Eco-innovation See more

Bias-to-soil - Biomass ash: Characteristics in relation to its origin, treatment and application to soil. See more

Scientific Supervision

PhD (Main Supervisor): Diogo Appel Colvero (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Nikola Karanovic (ex-CESAM member)

Personal Details

Degree (5 years) in Environmental Engineering, 1985, University of Aveiro, Portugal; PhD in Environmental Sciences, 2001, University of Aveiro, Portugal, entitled "Fundamentals of Solid Waste Composting".

1986-1990: Trainee assistant lecture, Dep. of Environment and Planning, University of Aveiro. 1990-2001: Assistant lecture, Dep. of Environment and Planning University, of Aveiro. 2001-Present: Assistant professor, Dep. of Environment and Planning, University of Aveiro

Domain of specialization

Environment engineering,
Solid waste management, Solid waste treatment technologies, Biological processes, Composting (process monitoring and final compost quality), Analytical methods applied to solid waste.

Participation in research and development projects

Since September 2007 - "Characterization and processing forest shrub biomass into a solid fuel (ProForShrub)", PTDC/AMB/73364/2006, coordination by University of Aveiro.

Approved for financing to begin in January 2010: "(Bias-to-soil) - Biomass ash: Characteristics in relation to its origin, treatment and application to soil.", PTDC/AAC-AMB/098112/2008, coordination by University of Aveiro.


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