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Integrated Planning Laboratory (LIP)

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Terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems are linked through a number of bio-physical as well as socio-economic and political-institutional processes that are, in turn, affected by pressures from global change. These linkages constitute a host of mutual benefits as well as a range of negative impacts and hazards, potentially leading to tensions, conflicts and welfare losses. A core challenge lies in the provision of research support aiming at risk reductions from environmental hazards in socio-ecological systems at the land-sea interface, through more sustainable and resilient use and management of natural resources and ecosystem services that sustain economies, societies and human well-being.
The overall objective of the LIP is to develop cutting edge trans-disciplinary approaches as well as impact in the area of sustainable and resilient environmental and natural resources planning and management in linked terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine socio-ecological systems.
The scope of our research is to advance socio-economic and political-institutional sciences that underpin integrated and adaptive management approaches, and to develop novel methods for integrated explorative, predictive and facilitative approaches that support private and public sectors in the implementation of the principles of environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and social equity in catchment, coastal and marine resources planning and management.


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