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Functional Responses to Environmental Changes Laboratory (FREC)

Lab Leader: Amadeu Soares


FREC LAb is mainly focused on generating knew knowledge on the impacts of environmental perturbations (either occurring naturally or caused by anthropogenic activities) in the biological processes, functions and characteristics of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. This involves the use of organisms from different functional and trophic groups within a biomarker-based quantification and field based in situ approaches. Concomitantly, it is also aimed to develop tools to: (i) promote ecological relevancy in risk assessment and management processes, and, (ii) be applied in EU legislation (e.g. REACH, Water framework Directive). A multidisciplinary team of researchers constitutes FREC lab, with expertise in: ecological risk assessment, evolutionary ecotoxicology, biomonitoring, bioremediation, environmental education.


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