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Laboratório de Avaliação & Remediação de Contaminantes Ambientais (LECAR)


LECAR is a laboratory focused on environmental and analytical chemistry with emphasis in obtaining experimental data fit for the purpose of supporting decisions on food safety, health and environmental protection, and sustainable development. LECAR has an extensive track record of international research funding, training, dissemination, participation in evaluation panels, and collaboration in a large variety of fields including environmental geochemistry, oceanography, biology, medicine, management, and engineering. 

The laboratory covers the following main areas of research:

  • Development of expertise in the development and application of sophisticated multidimensional analytical techniques for unravelling complex environmental matrices;
  • Structural features of natural organic matter from different environmental matrices (waters vs. atmosphere vs. soils) with emphasis on the composition of organic aerosols;
  • Testing and validation of analytical procedures for soil and pore water analysis and development of fundamental knowledge on soil chemical processes;
  • Soil-to-plant transfer of metals and metallic nanoparticles;
  • Fate and effects of nano-enabled agriculturally relevant materials;
  • Development of methodologies for the development of soil quality criteria towards plant quality, feed and food safety, animal and human health protection;
  • Sustainable management of urban and agricultural soils and sustainable agri-food production;
  • Application of new waste-based soil improvers in the recovery of degraded soils;
  • Study of organic contaminants, nanoparticles, and micro(nano)plastics’ fate and behaviour in the environment and during wastewater treatment processes.


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