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Ecotoxicogenomics Laboratory (ecoGEN)


The Ecotoxicogenomics Lab aims to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms to stressors in environmental organisms. The approach includes an integration of the different levels of organization, linking molecular and whole organism, building onto Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP), envisaging a systems biology/toxicology. Main research tools foccus on differential gene expression (via next generation sequencing, microarray, qPCR) and the related bioinformatics. As an example, a de novo transcriptome was assembled for a standard soil species (E. crypticus) and implemented in a high-throughput microarray tool. The genomics is integrated with a suite of additional endpoints for effect assessment at the cellular and organism level, e.g. using the standard OECD/ISO ecotoxicity tests. The research is supported by extensive international collaboration.


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Susana Gomes

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