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Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (LAC)


LAC has an extensive track record of international research funding, training and exchange of personnel. This clearly shows that its facilities have a broad international spirit and are used to receive and train a wide variety of post-graduated students and scientists. In addition, the group has an ample publication record in the area of atmospheric chemistry, in spite of the reduced number of staff elements, with more than 200 research papers published in international peer reviewed journals, many of them in the 80% or higher percentile in terms of impact factor in the area of environmental sciences. The research topics include measurement of organic aerosols, gas-particle equilibrium and conversion, source apportionment of aerosol particles, speciation of particulate organic species, marine aerosols and DMS, VOC emissions by forests, dry deposition of ozone and other gaseous pollutants, soiling of surfaces by carbonaceous aerosols, CO2 fluxes over vegetated surfaces, chemical modelling of photochemical pollution, indoor air pollution, biomass burning emissions, exhaust and non-exhaust emissions, etc. During the last years the group has participated in various EU funded research projects, namely Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance (CARBOEUROPE-IP), European Integrated project on Aerosol Cloud Climate and Air Quality Interactions (EUCAARI), and the Life+ Testing and Development of Air Quality Mitigation Measures in Southern Europe (AIRUSE).


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