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Coastal Zone Planning & Management (CZPM)


  • Biomass & waste valorisation & products life-cycle
  • On & off-site wildfire impacts and their mitigation
  • Integrated management, planning and governance
  • Social perception, participation and communication


The overall aim of the CZPM RG is to advance bio-physical, engineering and socio-economic sciences that underpin integrated natural resources management and circular economy approaches, sustained in integrated experimental, explorative, predictive and facilitative approaches that support community, industry and government stakeholders in the sustainable planning and management of terrestrial, coastal and marine resources.
A relevant example is integrative inter-disciplinary research applied in the fields of expertise, namely: i) bio-physical underpinning for decision-making on sustainable post-fire land and surface water resources management, focusing on the assessment, prediction, mitigation and demonstration to key stakeholders of the risks of wildfire-enhanced runoff generation and associated soil and soil fertility losses and contaminant exports, and resulting contamination of downstream aquatic habitats; ii) development and optimization of processes for energetic and material valorisation of biomass and wastes and wastewater treatment towards circular economy, leading to innovative and more efficient ways to provide products and services to customers; iii) life cycle thinking applied to processes and products as decision support tool in the context of natural resources management and sustainability; and iv) socio-economic and political-institutional sciences that underpin integrated and adaptive management approaches in linked terrestrial, coastal and marine socio-ecological systems, as to develop explorative, predictive and facilitative approaches that support private and public sectors achieving environmental sustainability, economic efficiency and social equity.





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