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Environmental Processes & Pollutants (EPP)


  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry & Sensors
  • Contaminants & Pollutants
  • Natural Organic Matter


The EPP RG develops research within analytical and environmental chemistry enclosing environmental monitoring and assessment, water treatment and soil remediation with the aim of providing knowledge, which can be used for regulatory decisions.
The priority themes within analytical chemistry include: i) development, validation and application of new analytical methodologies mainly those based on mass spectrometry and chemical and biosensors and multisensory systems for determination of (in)organic pollutants, toxins and health potentially harmful compounds; and ii) development of sensitive, innovative and modern analytical chemistry methodologies being a strong support for obtaining experimental data to support decisions on environmental protection, health, food safety, and sustainable development.
In the field of environmental chemistry EPP RG general objectives include: i) studies on fate and role of organic and inorganic contaminants in the environment in a broad sense and on the development of strategies for their removal or degradation giving special relevance to natural organic matter in the transport, accessibility and reactivity processes, of pollutants; and ii) studies on pollution monitoring, on remediation of contaminated waters and soils (e.g. based on photocatalysis, bio-adsorbents and industrial by-products, promoting circular economy) on environmental fate of nanomaterials on biodegradation of pharmaceuticals and microplastics and characterization of natural organic matter in complex matrices.




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