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Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture (MBA)

Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture (MBA)


  • Integrated multi-trofic aquaculture
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Bioprospecting
  • Smart valorisation of marine biological resources


The MBA RG combines fundamental and applied research to gain a transdisciplinary knowledge that can be employed to foster bio-based industries in the fields of marine biotechnology and aquaculture. The RG develops work in the fields of applied ecology to implement nature-based solutions that can enhance integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) and add value to cultured products; marine lipidomics, by applying innovative mass spectrometry (MS)-based approaches for the detailed characterisation of defined chemical compounds and allowing their bioprospecting for potential bioactive products; in toto aquaculture, to standardize the clonal production of marine invertebrates biomass for biotechnological applications; and photobiology, to optimize algal biomass production and fine tune their biochemical composition for applications in food, feed and pharma.
The MBA RG aims to develop innovative life support systems that allow large-scale experimental trials ex situ,enable international cooperation and knowledge transfer to SMEs, and optimize modular IMTA frameworks that target the production of overlooked biological resources (e.g. halophytes). MBA RG also aims to bring to the market new halophyte-based products, namely fresh or processed Halimione sp. and Sarcocornia sp.. Additionally, the MBA RG aims to fine tune molecular and biogeochemical tools to certify the place of origin of cultured and/or harvested seafood, thus enhancing food safety, fostering seafood consumption habits and adding value to endogenous biological resources.



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