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Estuarine & Coastal Modelling (LMEC)


LMEC conducts research on numerical modeling of estuaries, lagoons, rias, and adjacent coastal areas, with emphasis on hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and water quality modeling, using in situ monitoring and remote analysis as complementary research tools.

Research done by the Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Laboratory (LMEC) focuses on all estuaries located along the Portuguese Iberian Coast and their interaction with the adjacent coastal zone, but also addresses the study of processes in various international estuarine systems, including development of innovative techniques for monitoring and advanced modeling of systems and processes aiming to assess the sustainability of the coastal environment.

LMEC is currently participating in various research projects, where its members conduct studies related to the effects of sea level rising, coastal flooding, estuarine plume generation, identification of ideal areas for aquaculture exploration, evolution of saltmarsh areas, determination of ideal routes for navigation, transport of microplastics, physical/biological/chemical interactions, with particular emphasis on the climate changes impact.



PhD Researchers:

Ana Teresa dos Santos Picado
Carina de Lurdes Bastos Lopes
Magda Catarina Ferreira de Sousa
Maria Ines Alvarez Fernandez
Nuno ALexandre Firmino Vaz

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