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Marta Otero

Marta Otero


  • Author Name : Marta Otero

Short Bio

Marta Otero received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of León (Spain) in 2000, then occupying several lecturer and researcher positions, including a Marie Curie fellowship at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP, Portugal), an Assistant Researcher position at CESAM (Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies, University of Aveiro (UA), Portugal) and a Ramón y Cajal contract at University of León (Spain). In 2017, she gained an IF contract from the FCT as principal researcher, which allowed her to re-incorporate at CESAM (UA, Portugal). Since 2022, Marta Otero is Associate Professor at the University of León (Spain), where she belongs to the Applied Chemistry and Physics Department. Her research is mainly focussed on two fields: (i) sustainable treatments and materials for water decontamination; (ii) bio-wastes management and valorization. She maintains active collaborations with researchers and groups from several institutions. Among them it is to highlight the Analytical Sensors & Applied Eco-Chemistry (ASAEC) group at CESAM.
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WasteMAC - Industrial wastes as new resources for micro-wave assisted production of magnetic activated carbons – application in the removal of pharmaceuticals from water See more

Rem-Aqua - Photosensitized degradation as a remediation process for the removal of pharmaceuticals from aquaculture effluents See more

RemPharm - Production and application of alternative adsorbents for the removal of pharmaceuticals from urban and industrial effluents See more

LTER-RAVE - Long term monitoring in the Ria de Aveiro: towards a deeper understanding of ecological, environmental and economic processes See more

LAGOONS - Integrated water resources and coastal zone management in European lagoons in the context of climate change See more

Development and estabilization of a microalgal biomass continuous production system for obtaining second generation biofuels using CO2 from combustion gases See more

MARMER: The role of salt marsh plants on mercury cycle. Identifying plant-bacteria-Hg interactions critical for ecosystem remediation See more

Scientific Supervision

PhD (Main Supervisor): Sérgio Paniagua (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Carla Escapa (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Ricardo Coimbra (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Guilaine Marques Jaria (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Carla Patrícia Silva (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Ana Teresa Lemos Pereira Saúde Reis (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): María José Cuetos (not a CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Diana Luísa Duarte de Lima (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Vânia Maria Amaro Calisto (CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020


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