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CESAM's project wins Honorable Mention Green Project Awards 2013'

The project entitled "Photodynamic Therapy for inactivation of microorganisms in wastewater: an effective, low cost and low environmental impact technology, received an honourable mention in the category "Research and develpoment" on the 6th edition of the Green Project Awards Portugal 2013.

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Research on CESAM reveals air quality in school classrooms can be harmful for the children

The air quality in the classrooms of several 1st cycle  schools in  Lisbon is "very worrying for the health of children." This is conclusion of a study by a team of researchers from the University of Aveiro (UA) that, for a year, monitored the air in classrooms of 14 schools in the Portuguese capital.
More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=35844

CESAM researcher recommends coral growth in aquariums to use for medical purposes

A study in UA argues that the pharmaceutical industry should adopt a new strategy in the manufacture of new drugs based on compounds synthesized by corals. Instead of investing in the expeditions to capture marine organisms and the synthesis of the respective molecules in the laboratory, the UA researchers pointed out aquaculture coral as the most efficient and sustainable option.

Additional detais: http://saude.sapo.pt/noticias/.....

CESAM researchers discuss about 'Post-Fire Erosion Mitigation Techniques'

What to do after a forest fire in order to minimize soil erosion? The answer will be given by CESAM researchers during the workshop 'Post-Fire Erosion Mitigation Techniques' to be held at the Center for Environmental Education of Folgosinho, in Gouveia, on 26th and 27th of October.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

CESAM researcher, Artur Alves, appointed as national representative of the COST action 'Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases'

This Action aims to develop a network of European expertise to improve understanding of Grapevine trunk diseases (GTD) by acquiring knowledge on occurrence of pathogens, vine-pathogen interaction, ecology of wood-inhabiting microorganisms, and to develop new management protocols and biocontrol approaches. This knowledge will be promoted in an effort to increase knowledge and awareness of the problem by disseminating information to end-users and authorities in the viticulture sector, and to the general public.

More details about this COST action: http://www.cost.eu/domains_act.....

Alfredo Rocha on tv show ‘Sociedade Civil’ (RTP2) on “Climate change

Alfredo Rocha on tv show ‘Sociedade Civil’ on 'Climate change - will it modify agriculture in Portugal?'

Biochar: A 'miracle' to soil and climate revealed at the University of Aveiro

The CESAM team, coordinated by the researcher Frank Verheijen and in cooperation with the projects VITAQUA and CLIMAFUN, is running the first experiment with biochar in agricultural production in the Portuguese territory. Biochair is a product with the potential to increase productivity, while contributing to mitigation and climate change adaptation.
In the demarcated region of Bairrada, the UA researchers are studying the use and impact of biochar on vineyards; experiences will take place throughout the crop year of 2013. The first results indicate that, in addition to positive effects on soil nutrients, biochar improves the infiltration and retention of water in the land, essential factors to face drought and erosion.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

FECIEX 2013 Iberian Prize to CESAM member Carlos Fonseca

The coordinator of the Wildlife Unit (DeBio/CESAM), Carlos Fonseca, was awarded the "Iberian Prize FECIEX 2013," which distinguishes persons and / or institutions that have stood out for their work in favor of hunting, nature, and the strenghtening of the Iberian relations in these fields, in recent years. The prize will be delivered in Badajoz, in the largest fair on hunting, fishing and nature of the peninsula and one of the largest in Europe, on the 19th of September.
This is also an award that recognizes the University of Aveiro, through the Wildlife Unit, Department of Biology, as an institution of recognized value in the area of natural resources.

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CESAM researcher, Regina Duarte, appointed as national representative of the COST action 'Emergence and Evolution of Complex Chemical Systems'

This COST Action aims to establish Europe as a world-leader in the emerging area of complex chemical systems, by bringing together these research fields. Main objectives are to develop far-from-equilibrium self-assembly and self-replicating systems, self-assembling and reproducing compartments, and the use of information-rich molecules in these contexts. The approach to these subjects is inherently multidisciplinary and will only be possible by combining the expertise of different theoretical and experimental research groups around Europe

More details about this COST action: http://www.cost.eu/domains_act.....ons/CM1304

The role of water in local and regional development under discussion at the 5th Aqua Forum

The role of water in local and regional development is the focus of the 5th Aqua Forum, taking place 17-20 of September in various locations in the region of Aveiro. This meeting brings together the regions and entities participating in the European project Aqua-Add - 'Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development'. The UA, through CESAM, is a partner in this project.

More details:http://www.aqua-add.eu/docs/Aqua_add_NL5.pdf