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CESAM researcher appointed as national representative of the COST action "The transfer of engineered nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwater to rivers"

Susana Loureiro, researcher of CESAM and DBio, was appointed as national representative of the ENTER - Engineered Nanomaterials from wastewater treatment & stormwater to rivers - COST action.
This Cost Action (2013/17) aims the clarification of the following issues: (i) which and (ii) what amounts of Engineered NanoMaterials (ENMs) are released to rivers, (iii) how persistent are they and (iv) to what extent do they cause in situ toxicity? The reasons for these knowledge gaps are a lack of suitable analytical methods, insufficient databases on usage and release, and the absence of comprehensive monitoring networks.
ENTER will help to advance scientific knowledge on release and fate of ENMs in the urban water cycle and to communicate expert knowledge in an appropriate manner to the non-scientific community.

More details about this COST action: http://www.cost.eu/domains_act.....ons/ES1205

Prof. Carlos Fonseca awarded by the Portuguese Federation of Hunting


The FENCAÇA-Portuguese Federation of Hunting - has distinguished Carlos Fonseca (from CESAM and DBIO) and his team, with Prize "Research on Hunting". The award ceremony,which for the first time has highlighted the work of a Portuguese researcher, took place on May 12, in Santarem, during the XXI Hunting Meeting of the 25th International Fair of Hunting and Guns, an exhibition that brought together more than 600 hunters.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=34243

Most cited paper in the Atmospheric Environment Journal 2010-2011

CESAM members of Atmospheric Quality Research Line were awarded with the most cited paper in 2010-2011 of the Atmospheric Environment Journal, from Elsevier for the paper "Characterisation of PM10 emissions from woodstove combustion of common woods grown in Portugal".

More information:http://www.journals.elsevier.c.....

CESAM collaborates in a study on eutrophication in coastal areas

main results and conclusions of a study on trophic processes in the Portuguese coastal waters, sponsored by SIMRIA, will be presented on May 14th in the amphitheater of the Department of Environment and Planning, University of Aveiro. This work was coordinated, in CESAM, by João Serôdio, professor and researcher of CESAM and DBIO.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=34218

Scientific expedition in Tejo for undergraduate students

A Portuguese caravel, 150 young students and five trips in the Tagus estuary.
These trips aim to encourage children and teenagers to look at the research on the oceans and seabed, and at the Portuguese maritime heritage as one of the greatest values of the country. On board, scientists from the University of Aveiro (UA), in collaboration with researchers from the Centre for Oceanography, University of Lisbon, will surprise the "little" sailors with what science contributes to the knowledge of the seas.

Organized by the UA and EurOcean Foundation, the trips will be held on 13, 14 and 15 May.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....mp;c=34190

Professor Carlos Borrego awarded with Scientific Merit Medal of Aveiro

Borrego, professor and director of the Department
of Environment and Planning of the University of Aveiro and former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, was awarded the Medal for Scientific Merit of the Aveiro Municipality.
This award has a special meaning, in the current year that marks  40th anniversary of the University of Aveiro, 35 years of the Department of Environment and Planning, and 20 years of the Institute for Environment and Development (IDAD) which is also directed by the professor.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....mp;c=34116

UA study reveals the impressive mushrooms diversity on Buçaco

After making the first scientific study of the fauna of the Buçaco Forest and perform a thorough inventory of the flora, the research team from CESAM and Biology Department reveals the wide variety of mushrooms existing in this ecosystem.
The study, conducted in the framework of the project Life + BRIGH, identified 115 species, thus making an outstanding contribution to the field of mycology in Portugal.

Additional details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=33990

Scientific performance of the University of Aveiro on Leiden ranking

The scientific performance of the University of
Aveiro (UA) stands out compared to other Portuguese universities. UA is in place 133 in Europe, accounting for all scientific areas, according to CWTS rankings published by the University of Leiden. It is the second consecutive year that the Leiden ranking sets the UA in front of the Portuguese Universities. In the "Natural Sciences and Engineering" area, the UA appears in place 69 of the European universities.

More details: http://www.cienciapt.net/pt/in.....Itemid=279

Leiden Ranking: http://www.leidenranking.com/ranking

Atlantic Area - First edition of the Compendium of projects

The compendium provides detailed information on all projects (including those with CESAM/UA participation as: Portonovo; EcosalAtlantis and SPRES) and Atlantic regions and also highlights on the Programme strategy with the ambition to make a qualitative leap in cooperation and economic diversification, to enhance the many facets of maritime heritage and to strengthen synergies between cities and regions.

Domestic fireplaces are responsible for 30% of the atmospheric pollution in Portugal

Burning wood in domestic equipments representes a considerable source of emmission of pollutants  into the atmosphere, with a consequent deterioration of air quality.
Conclusions drawn by researchers of CESAM alert for the danger that this increasing trend poses to public health.

More details: http://noticias.universia.pt/c.....tugal.html