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2012: year of the international consolidation of the UA

Throughout the year 2012, several international assessments, expressed in rankings, demonstrated the good performance of the University of Aveiro. Besides the international visibility, many research projects in various areas are highlighted.
Balance of the events that marked the year 2012 at the University of Aveiro:http://academia.web.ua.pt/ano_em_revista2012/

CESAM researcher integrates the Environment Policy Advisory Group of DG Environment of EC

Susana Loureiro, researcher in the Department of Biology and CESAM, integrated in December 2012 the Science for Environment Policy Scientific Content Advisory Group of  the Directorate General of Environment of the European Commission (EC). The invitation to join this group came under its previous participation in the European project Nomiracle (FP6) and the work that performed for the evaluation of environmental toxicity on non-target organisms.
The Science for Environment Policy Scientific Content Advisory Group review studies proposed for inclusion in the News Alert to assess their suitability for the service. The Group's expertise from across a range of policy and science themes helps ensure that high quality, policy relevant research is featured in the News Alert. see:

CESAM researcher awarded with Luiz Saldanha / Ken Tenore 2012 grant

Maria da Luz Fernandes, researcher at DAO and CESAM, was awarded with a grant Luiz Saldanha / Ken Tenore 2012, in the area of Sea Strategy and Policies. For three months, she will integrate the team of specialists of the Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate, and Security of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, under the scientific supervision of Robbin Peach, from that institution, and Fatima Lopes Alves, researcher of DAO.


Interview with CESAM PhD student Roberto Martins

Martins is a biologist and researcher at CESAM. He is currently completing his PhD on Marine Biology namely on the identification and characterisation of organisms that inhabit the depths of the Portuguese continental shelf.
Read the interview.

Ana Sofia Reboleira, CESAM researcher, discovers another species

The new pseudoscorpion genus Lusoblothrus of the family Syarinidae was described from a cave in the Algarve region, southern Portugal, to accommodate L. aenigmaticus.
This discovery emphasizes the relevance of the Algarve region as a hotspot for relictual hypogean fauna within the Iberian Peninsula.

Susana Loureiro is the Research of the month of the UA

Susana Loureiro is a researcher at the department of Biology and CESAM. She has received her Ph.D in Biology, in 2004 by the University of Aveiro and her research activity focuses on Ecotoxicology, Environmental Contamination and Risks.
Nowadays she is the coordinator of three projects financed by FCT (through national funding and FEDER/COMPETE) and she is the WP leader for Ecotoxicology of the FP7 EU project NanoFATE.

Interview: http://www.ua.pt/research/PageText.aspx?id=16268

'Biosfera' highlights CESAM research

CESAM research on
 soil erosion (then, 'land degradation') risk assessment following wildfires was highlighted in the RTP2 programme 'Biosfera', edition of November 20, 2012.

Link: http://www.rtp.pt/programa/tv/p24778/c99663

ECOSAL ATLANTIS project in the Ria de Aveiro

In the framework of the
ECOSAL ATLANTIS project, under the activity 'Biodiversity and Eco-Tourism',  were implemented islands in the Santiago da Fonte salt pan, in order to support the breeding birds of the Ria de Aveiro ecosystem.

Site: http://ecosal-atlantis.ua.pt/

Understanding Antibiotic Resistance Using Crystallography and Computation by CESAM researchers

Scientists at the University of Bristol, together with collaborators at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, have solved the structure of an enzyme that breaks down carbapenems, antibiotics 'of last resort' which, until recently, were kept in reserve for serious infections that failed to respond to other treatments. This study was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

More details: http://www.sciencedaily.com/re.....biology%29

Prof. Carlos Fonseca renamed by the National Commission on Trophies Certification

The National Commission on
Trophies Certification (Hunting), which operates under the responsibility of the National Forestry Authority, includes in its composition ten personalities of recognized scientific and technical merit, including Carlos Fonseca. This member of CESAM and professor of DBio is author of several scientific papers in the areas of Wildlife Ecology and Management and Conservation and Management of Animal Populations and Ecosystems.

More details: https://www.ua.pt/uaonline/detail.asp?c=25161