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UA launches research institute, technology platform and chair, with the sea as the main drive

The mission of Aveiro Institute for Marine Science and Technology (AIMare) is the coordination and aggregation of scientific expertise of the University of Aveiro in the coastal management and marine research areas, promoting synergies with the private and public sectors related to the sea.
The Sea Technology Platform, meanwhile, intends to merge entrepreneurs, teachers and researchers in a network of expertise to value sea products and services and promote a culture of entrepreneurial cooperation of scientific and technological base.
The two new structures of the UA, focused on research and the sea economy, were launched on 22 February.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=33332

Interview with Graham Pierce, newly appointed for the Cátedra CGD do Mar
Researcher at UA finds traces of psychiatric medicines in wastewater treatment plant in Aveiro

Psychiatric drugs found in the final effluent wastewater treatment plants  ...Does it seems strange? In fact, a researcher at the University of Aveiro, from the Associated Laboratory CESAM, found the antiepileptic carbamazepine concentrations on the order of micrograms per liter, enough to suspect chronic effects - arising from long exposures - in aquatic organisms.

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CESAM participates in discovery of mud volcanoes and gas hydrates in the Algarve offshore
CESAM Biologist reveals: there are too many organic tin compounds present in domestic dust

A team of researchers from CESAM / UA discovered the presence of levels of organic tin compounds in dust collected in Portuguese homes that are unsafe for human health. Traditionally used in paints to cover the hulls of ships and used on wallpaper, foams, silicones, PVC, and in various products of daily use, such as clothes or toys, organic tin compounds interfere with the hormonal functioning, are carcinogenic, diminish the effectiveness of the immune system and promote obesity.

Additional details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=33116 and http://www.cienciahoje.pt/inde.....amp;op=all

Interview with CESAM researcher Sofia Reboleira

Sofia Reboleira is a biologist and a specialist in subterranean fauna of CESAM. In recent years she has discovered several subterranean new species, unchartered by science, such as pseudoscorpions, arachnids and crustaceans. The discoveries of this biologist, many of which in portuguese caves, have decisively contributed to the strengthening of the Portuguese biological heritage .
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2012: year of the international consolidation of the UA

Throughout the year 2012, several international assessments, expressed in rankings, demonstrated the good performance of the University of Aveiro. Besides the international visibility, many research projects in various areas are highlighted.
Balance of the events that marked the year 2012 at the University of Aveiro:http://academia.web.ua.pt/ano_em_revista2012/

CESAM researcher integrates the Environment Policy Advisory Group of DG Environment of EC

Susana Loureiro, researcher in the Department of Biology and CESAM, integrated in December 2012 the Science for Environment Policy Scientific Content Advisory Group of  the Directorate General of Environment of the European Commission (EC). The invitation to join this group came under its previous participation in the European project Nomiracle (FP6) and the work that performed for the evaluation of environmental toxicity on non-target organisms.
The Science for Environment Policy Scientific Content Advisory Group review studies proposed for inclusion in the News Alert to assess their suitability for the service. The Group's expertise from across a range of policy and science themes helps ensure that high quality, policy relevant research is featured in the News Alert. see:

CESAM researcher awarded with Luiz Saldanha / Ken Tenore 2012 grant

Maria da Luz Fernandes, researcher at DAO and CESAM, was awarded with a grant Luiz Saldanha / Ken Tenore 2012, in the area of Sea Strategy and Policies. For three months, she will integrate the team of specialists of the Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate, and Security of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, under the scientific supervision of Robbin Peach, from that institution, and Fatima Lopes Alves, researcher of DAO.


Interview with CESAM PhD student Roberto Martins

Martins is a biologist and researcher at CESAM. He is currently completing his PhD on Marine Biology namely on the identification and characterisation of organisms that inhabit the depths of the Portuguese continental shelf.
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