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CESAM presents platform for protection of oil spills impacts

João Miguel Dias, professor in the Department of Physics and researcher of CESAM, presented the main conclusions of the recent meeting of the international project "SPRES-Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales", held at the UA.
In this event, an operational platform that integrates features of forecasting in real time, oil spills at local level and results of risk analysis was presented.
More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

SPRES project meeting "Aveiro Site Seminar", University of Aveiro January 29-30

Meeting discusses prevention and impact of oil spills in the Ria de Aveiro

Companies and national authorities with jurisdiction and lagoon areas with responsibility for preventing and acting in the case of oil spills in the Ria de Aveiro, are expected at the meeting of the SPRES (Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales) international project taking place at the UA, 30 January in the Rectory Building. The "Aveiro Site Seminar", aims for the development of predictive real time models for the behavior of oil spills in estuarine areas through a partnership involving Portuguese, Spanish, French and British entities.

Additional details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

CESAM researcher, Nelson Abrantes, appointed as national representative of the COST action 'Climate Change Manipulation Experiments in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Networking and Outreach'

Many climate change manipulation experiments have been carried out in recent decades. However, several challenges still exist or have emerged which limit our understanding of ecosystem functioning under future climate change. These include inadequate representation of biomes, artifacts, incomparable experiments, poor representation of relevant scenarios, in particular extreme events, lack of research communication sharing of results and lack of good data for modeling.
This Action will develop a network for the experimental climate change research community brining experimentalists and modelers together in order to provide solutions to these recurrent challenges.

More details about the Action: http://www.cost.eu/domains_act.....1308 />

'Critters for your point and risk' Exhibition

Exhibition from January 10 to February 9, at Cine-Teatro Messias 'Critters for your point and risk': scientific illustrations by Milene Matos

The researcher of UA and CESAM responsible by the Educational Service of the Buçaco Forest Foundation, Milene Matos, exposes a set of scientific illustrations of his own in Cine-Teatro Messias, Mealhada. The set includes color  and black and white illustrations, using various techniques, of several species of Portugal and of the world. The work may be visited from January 10 to February 9.

More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/deta.....

UA in 2013: the youth and energy of 40th

Summary of what happened at the University of Aveiro in 2013: http://academia.web.ua.pt/ano_em_revista2013/

Documentary "Viajantes do Ar"

Produced by the University of Aveiro, with the support of COMPETE, the documentaries aim to reveal aspects of biodiversity of the Ria de Aveiro. F​four documentaries, with about 20 minutes each, were produced:

    - Viajantes do Ar:
    - Nascer na Ria;
    - A Cegonha-branca;
    - A Ria por Dentro. 

More details: http://www.pofc.qren.pt/Media/.....

Biochar work was a topic in 'Biosfera' on RTP2

CESAM work, in collaboration with the Bairrada wine station, on the use of biochar to improve techniques of agricultural production and to mitigate global changes.
See TV show: http://www.rtp.pt/play/p1053/e.....

CESAM's project wins Honorable Mention Green Project Awards 2013'

The project entitled "Photodynamic Therapy for inactivation of microorganisms in wastewater: an effective, low cost and low environmental impact technology, received an honourable mention in the category "Research and develpoment" on the 6th edition of the Green Project Awards Portugal 2013.

Additional details: 

Research on CESAM reveals air quality in school classrooms can be harmful for the children

The air quality in the classrooms of several 1st cycle  schools in  Lisbon is "very worrying for the health of children." This is conclusion of a study by a team of researchers from the University of Aveiro (UA) that, for a year, monitored the air in classrooms of 14 schools in the Portuguese capital.
More details: http://uaonline.ua.pt/pub/detail.asp?c=35844

CESAM researcher recommends coral growth in aquariums to use for medical purposes

A study in UA argues that the pharmaceutical industry should adopt a new strategy in the manufacture of new drugs based on compounds synthesized by corals. Instead of investing in the expeditions to capture marine organisms and the synthesis of the respective molecules in the laboratory, the UA researchers pointed out aquaculture coral as the most efficient and sustainable option.

Additional detais: http://saude.sapo.pt/noticias/.....