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title Real and Potential Mercury Accumulation in Human Scalp of Adolescents: A Case Study
authors Vieira, HC; Morgado, F; Soares, AMVM; Abreu, SN
author full name Vieira, H. C.; Morgado, F.; Soares, A. M. V. M.; Abreu, S. N.
title Real and Potential Mercury Accumulation in Human Scalp of Adolescents: A Case Study
nationality internacional
language English
document type Article
author keywords Adolescent fish consumers; Human scalp hair; Mercury accumulation; Methylmercury intake
author address [Vieira, H. C.; Morgado, F.; Soares, A. M. V. M.; Abreu, S. N.] Univ Aveiro, Dept Biol, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Morgado, F.; Soares, A. M. V. M.; Abreu, S. N.] Univ Aveiro, CESAM, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal
reprint address Vieira, HC (reprint author), Univ Aveiro, Dept Biol, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal.
e-mail address hugovieira@ua.pt
funding agency and grant number Projeto CENTRO - 07/ST24/002033MARES - Sustainable Use of Marine Resources [BPD/UI88/2911/2013]; QREN, Mais Centro-Programa Operacional Regional do Centro e Uniao Europeia/Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional
funding text Sizenando Abreu received an individual post-doctoral grant ref. BPD/UI88/2911/2013, within the
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cited reference count 43
publisher city TOTOWA
publisher address 999 RIVERVIEW DRIVE SUITE 208, TOTOWA, NJ 07512 USA
issn 0163-4984
29-character source abbreviation BIOL TRACE ELEM RES
iso source abbreviation Biol. Trace Elem. Res.
publication date FEB
year published 2015
volume 163
issue 1-2
beginning page 19
ending page 27
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1007/s12011-014-0159-5
page count 9
web of science category Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Endocrinology & Metabolism
subject category Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Endocrinology & Metabolism
document delivery number AZ3EC
unique article identifier WOS:000348109500004