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Juan Gabriel de Almeida Ferreira

Juan Gabriel de Almeida Ferreira


  • Department: Physics Departament
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor : A-9898-2012

Scientific Supervision

In progress


In progress
  • DYNOZONE: Total column and surface ozone variability over the Iberian Peninsula: Dynamical and Chemical atmospheric factors See more
  • DyEPlume - Estuarine Dynamics and Plume Propagation in the Portuguese Coast – Impacts of Climate Change See more
  • Study of forcing mechanisms of low frequency atmospheric variability in the Euro-Atlantic region See more


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Book Chapter (1)
Castanheira J. M., Gonçalves P. M., Rocha A., Ferreira J. (2006) Variabilidad Climática Natural: descripción, mecanismos y efectos sobre la circulación a escala planetaria. In: Avances en climatología y ciencias de la atmósfera. (EDS.), Madrid. Editorial Complutense S. A.. 2, 84-7491-772-7.
Thesis (0)
Communications (7)
Carvalho, A.C., Ferreira, J., Sousa, J., Rocha, A., Castanheira, J. (2009) Surface momentum flux in NWP modelling sensitivity studies relevant for dust emission estimation. In:
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Luna T., Rocha A., Ferreira J., Carvalho A.C., Sousa J. (2011) Predictability of an intense precipitation event using the WRF model. In:
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