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Dear CESAM member: Taking into account the current situation and the recommendations by the Portuguese Government and the Rector of the University of Aveiro, CESAM staff has been reduced to a minimum possible onsite - the administrative staff is working remotely (those who are not on leave due to assistance to children). Until further notice, all communications with any staff member should favor the use of email and/or phone calls. As requested before please use institutional emails -this facilitates the correct and fastest way of response. We will try to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Please keep following the current situation which is updated regularly in the University of...

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  • Researchers from CESAM are the guest editors of the special issue to be published in Applied Sciences, an Open Access Journal by MDPI

    A special issue on the “Behavior and Effects of Nanoscale Materials and Plastics — Understanding the Mechanisms of Toxicity” to be published in Applied Sciences - Open Access Journal by MDPI (ISSN 2076-3417) is now open to the scientific community for submissions. We encourage submissions that draw on a variety of experimental and review articles. The guest editors are Vera Lúcia Maria (CESAM´s researcher) and Ângela Barreto (CESAM´s researcher). For detailed information, go to the link: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/nanomaterial_plastic Deadline for submission of papers: October 31, 2020   

  • Exhibition on expeditions to natural spaces has the contribution of a faculty of CESAM

    For the first time, the best draws, pictures and videos collected in the field made in a total of 15 expeditions, is exhibited in the exhibition “Grupo do Risco – Expedições a espaços naturais (2007 – 2019)”. The exhibition can be seen until 14 March 2021, in the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Lisbon, in the scope of the program Lisboa, Capital Verde Europeia 2020. Henrique Queiroga, faculty of the Department of Biology and CESAM, University of Aveiro is one of the founders of the Grupo de Risco. The complete news can be read here (in Portuguese).

  • Cost Action in Lipidomics submitted by CESAM´s researcher was approved for funding

    Cost Action CA 19105 “Pan European Network in Lipidomics and Epilipidomics”, a project led by Rosário Domingues, researcher at CESAM and Mass Spectrometry Centre of the Department of Chemistry (Universidade de Aveiro), was approved for funding. The purpose of this Cost Action is to build and maintain a pan-European multidisciplinary network of excellence in lipidomics and epilipidomics. The project has the participation of partners from 26 countries, with the support of universities, research institutes, hospitals, clinical centers and companies.

  • CESAM´s professor was interviewed by a national newspaper about Covid-19

    Macau closed its casinos for 15 days and measures the temperature at the entrance to public services. Taiwan imposes fines for those who violate measures. Millions of people in China are quarantined. Germans trust their health care system and employers. Portugal, at the tip of Europe, got ready for the battle against Covid-19. The tactics of a fight. Hard. Adelaide Almeida, researcher in the field of viruses and antibiotics, professor of microbiology, understands Macau's response. "It is the third coronavirus outbreak, Macau has the experience of other pandemics and was more frightened than us". The population was aware of the danger, the risks of another coronavirus that was being installed beside them. "People were scared and knew that they had to protect themselves, that they had to isolate themselves." Full news here.

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