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  David Filipe Ramos Silva  
  e-mail: dsilva@ua.pt  
  Category: PhD Fellow  
  Research group: Coastal Zone Planning and Manag.
  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/davidsilva  
Academic Qualifications

2009 - MSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Thesis: "Effect of biomass aging on the characteristics of biofuel"

2008 - BSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Current Status

PhD scholarship

Ref.: SFRH/BD/71088/2010

Subject (Thesis): Characterization and treatment of forest biomass ash for sustainable application in soil

Starting date: 01-02-2011

Ending date: 31-01-2015

Duration: 48 months

Funding Agency: Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)

Supervisor: Prof. Doutor Luís Tarelho

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Doutor José Figueiredo da Silva


BiomAshTech - Ash impacts during thermo-chemical conversion of biomass. [see details]

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  2. L. Tarelho, E. Teixeira, D. Silva, R. Modolo, D. Neves, J. Figueiredo, P. Gomes, A. Matos, I. Nunes, L. Arroja, H. Lopes, M. Freire (2013) Características das cinzas produzidas durante a combustão de biomassa e opções para a sua gestão. . ISBN: 978-989-98673-0-7. (see details)
  3. J. Ribeiro, A. Gomes, D. Silva, M. Marques, L. Tarelho ( 2013) Incorporação de cinza de combustão de biomassa no solo: alterações no perfil de solo e no lixiviado . I, ISBN: 978-989-98673-0-7. (see details)