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  Nazaret Gonzalez  
  Phone: +351.234.247.304 (ext. 22764)  
  e-mail: nazaret.gonzalez@ua.pt  
  Category: Marie Curie Researcher  
  Department: Department of Biology  
  Research group: Functional Biodiversity
ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: ResearcherID: B-1091-2017; http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0494-4266  
  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/nazaretgonzalez  
Academic degrees

2011-2012: Master in Advanced techniques in research and agricultural development and food by the Technical University of Cartagena (Spain).

2007-2012: PhD (with distinction) by the Technical University of Cartagena (Spain). PhD Thesis “Dynamic of nitrogen, phosphorus and metals in eutrophic wetlands affected by mine wastes. Effects of liming on plant growth and metals mobility”.

2001-2006: Degree in Biology by the University of Murcia (Spain).

Research interest

Soil pollution; Soil ecotoxicology; Climate change; Remediation strategies; Soil-plant relationships; Wetlands; Eutrophication (nitrogen and phosphorus); Biogeochemical cycles

GLOBALTOX – Toxicity of anthropogenic multi-stressed soils under a global warming perspective [see details]

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