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Isabel Henriques

Isabel Henriques

Assistant Researcher

  • Department: Biology Department
  • Research Group: Stress Biology
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor : ResearcherID=B-1667-2008

Professional activities

2014-present: Assistant Researcher (Investigator FCT), CESAM (and iBiMED from 2014-2016), University of Aveiro.

2013: Assistant Researcher (QREN), CESAM, UNiversity of Aveiro

2006 to 2013: PostDoc Grant, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia - SFRH/BPD/63487/2009.

2007 to 2013: Invited Auxiliar Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Aveiro

2002 to 2006: PhD Grant, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia - SFRH/BD/5275/2001– April.

2001 to 2002: PhD Grant, University of Aveiro. 1998 to 2000: Master Grant, University of Aveiro .

Academic degrees

PhD in Biology, University of Aveiro, September 2006

Master in Molecular Microbioloy, University of Aveiro, July 2001

Degree in Biology, University of Aveiro, July 1997

Research interests

Antibiotic resistance in microbial strains and microbial communities; dissemination of antibiotic resistance genetic determinants in aquatic environments. Diversity of complex microbial communities. Microbiome and its impact on organisms' functions.

Keywords: Environmental microbiology; Molecular microbiology; Antibiotic resistance; Beta-lactamases; Aquatic environments; Microbial communities; Microbiome; Mobile Genetic Elements; Culture-independent methods;

Microlab - Microbiome and Drug Resistance

Scientific Supervision

In progress (7)
PhD (Main Supervisor): Pedro Teixeira (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Susana Manso Araújo (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Ana Rita Almeida (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Sara Peixoto (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Jaqueline Rocha (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Marta Tacão (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Catarina Raquel Leite Amorim (CESAM member)

Concluded (23)
Master (Main Supervisor): Maria Vendas (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Pedro Teixeira (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Marta Salgueiro Alves (CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Diana Salvador de Sá Dias (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Tatiana Deolinda Santos Teixeira Silva (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Susana Manso Araújo (CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Carla Sá (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Vera Calhau (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Isabel Ramos (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Helena Lopes (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Ana Margarida Coito (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Diogo Pinho (CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Ana Rodrigues (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Carlos Correia (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Sandra Neto (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Cristina Carvalho (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Eliana Marisa dos Santos Cavaleiro (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Marta Salgueiro Alves (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Cátia Fidalgo (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Marta Tacão (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Juliana Simão Nina de Azevedo (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Nádia Osório (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Jacinta Oliveira (CESAM member)


In progress (6)
Resilience of anthozoan corals to deep-sea mining, an holobiontic approach See more

MICROCLIM - Effects of global warming on microbial populations from contaminated agricultural soils in the area of Estarreja See more

Granular microalgae- bacterial sludge for aquaculture wastewater treatment See more

METOXCLIM - Metal contamination in a global warming perspective: effects on soil properties and relation with toxicity changes See more

GLOBALTOX: Toxicity of anthropogenic multi-stressed soils under a global warming perspective See more

StARE: Stopping Antibiotic Resistance Evolution See more

Concluded (11)
Impact of phytoremediation processes on bacterial communities from Pb and Cd contaminated soils See more

ARTEMan: Transferência de resistência a antibióticos entre o Ambiente e o Homem See more

REFRESH – Minimizing microbial hazards in vegetables cultivated in the Estarreja municipality See more

ARISKA - Antibiotic resistance in the Antuã River: assessing risks to public health See more

MICRONEMA - Spatial and temporal analysis of microbial community in Pine Wilt Disease See more

PhytoMarsh - The phytosphere of salt-marsh plants: an underexplored microbial hot-spot See more

SEAGULL- Identification of nonpoint sources of faecal pollution in a natural environment: contributing data for risk assessment See more

TBTRESENSE: Tributiyltin (TBT) bioremediation and development of a biosensor to detect TBT from contaminated sites. See more

FUBIA: Soil Function-Biodiversity relationship And regional variation See more

MARMER: The role of salt marsh plants on mercury cycle. Identifying plant-bacteria-Hg interactions critical for ecosystem remediation See more

Isolation and Characterization of the genes involved in TBT resistance in marine bacteria See more


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