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  Daniel Cleary  
  Phone: +351 234 370700 (ext. 22726)  
  e-mail: send email  
  Category: Principal Researcher  
  Department: Biology  
  Research group: Marine & Estuarine Ecology
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  Direct URL for this page: http://www.cesam.ua.pt/cleary  
Short history

Principal researcher of Marine and Estuarine Ecology. I studied biology at the University of Amsterdam. During my study I spent half a year in the Caribbean where I studied aggressive interactions among coral species. After this I spent a year in France at the Université de Provence. For my PhD (also in Amsterdam), I spent two and a half years in the jungles of Borneo, mainly studying butterflies but I was also interested in many other organisms in the rainforest and how disturbances such as logging and forest fires affected them. After my PhD, I did postdocs in Amsterdam and Leiden. Author of more than 100 papers in leading international journals in the areas of Ecology, Tropical Biology and Marine Biology. Principal Researcher or team member of national and international research projects on terrestrial and marine ecology. Research advisor of several Msc students, PhD students and Postdocs. Has refereed several leading journals in the fields of ecology, conservation biology, zoology and marine biology. My major interests include corals, sponges, butterflies, odonates, microbial ecology, biostatistics (particularly using R) and relating community structure to spatial, environmental and temporal processes.

Reviewer for International Journals

Acta Oecologica

Biodiversity and Conservation

• Contributions to Zoology

Conservation Biology

Diversity and Distributions


Ecological Entomology


Entomological Science

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Journal of Applied Ecology

Journal of Biogeography

Journal of Tropical Ecology

Journal of Tropical Forest Science

Landscape Ecology

Marine Ecology Progress Series

Molecular Ecology



Western North American Naturalist

Scientific Supervision
PhD (Co-supervisor): Thomas Swierts
(not a CESAM member)
PhD (Co-supervisor): Diogo Pinho
PhD (Co-supervisor): Esther van der Ent
(not a CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Francisco Coelho

PhD (Main Supervisor): Ana Rita Moura Polónia
PhD (Co-supervisor): Lisa Becking
(not a CESAM member)
PhD (Co-supervisor): Ana Cecília da Cruz Pires

Master (Main Supervisor): Dille Wielakker
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Annemieke Bijlmer
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Andreia Gonçalves Sousa
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Ana Cecília da Cruz Pires
Master (Main Supervisor): Lisa Becking
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Paola Rachello-Dolmen
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Pedro Miguel Pinheiro Saraiva
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Gomes, Hélder Alexandre Campos
(ex-CESAM member)

AquaHeal: Microbial modulation in aquacultures with recirculation system: towards a production system suppressor of diseases [see details]

EcoTech-SPONGE- Assessing the ecological functions and potential biotechnological applications of plasmid assemblages from microbial symbionts of marine sponges [see details]

eLTER H2020 project - Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem & Socio-Ecological Research Infrastructure (LTER Ria de Aveiro is one of the Virtual Access (VA) sites in the H2020 project eLTER) [see details]

STEP - Integrated System for Managing Fishfarm Effluents [see details]

LTER-RAVE - Long term monitoring in the Ria de Aveiro: towards a deeper understanding of ecological, environmental and economic processes [see details]

LAGOONS - Integrated water resources and coastal zone management in European lagoons in the context of climate change [see details]

AQUASAFE - Development of new technologies to anticipate and diagnose disease outbreaks in aquaculture [see details]

RASTREMAR - Use of molecular tools in the traceability of marine food products [see details]

LESS CORAL: The impact of human settlLEmentS on CORAL reef ecosystems [see details]

DiverseShores - Testing associations between genetic and community diversity in European rocky shore environments [see details]

DOMINO EFFECT - Degradation of lOtic ecosysteMs assocIated with plaNtation fOrestry: An Evaluation of plantation Forest Food-wEb CommuniTies [see details]

Global climate change and pollution: a synergy designed for disaster? [see details]

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