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Carla M. S. Gama S.

Carla M. S. Gama S.

Assistant Researcher

  • Author Name : Gama, C.

  • Researcher ID: C-7607-2015
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-9193-0374
  • Ciencia ID: 571E-B73B-E449
  • Department: Environment and Planning
  • Research Group: Atmospheric Processes & Modelling (APM)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU= Gama, C NOT AU=Gama, Cristina AND OG = UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO AND SU=(Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences OR Environmental Sciences & Ecology) NOT PY=2011

Research interests

Atmospheric pollution modelling
Long-range transport of desert dust
Photochemical pollution
Impact of weather events on air quality

Academic degrees

28/02/2018: PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Thesis title: "Desert dust contribution to the atmospheric aerosol in Cape Verde and in Portugal".
17/12/2008: Master in Environmental Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal. Thesis title: "Ozone in the Northeast of Portugal: Local or Regional Problem".
17/07/2007: Environmental Engineering Degree, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Scientific activities

2019 Feb - 2021 Jul : Junior researcher (ARTUR Project, POCI-01-0145- FEDER-029374), CESAM, University of Aveiro.
2018 Apr - 2019 Jan: Postdoctoral researcher (AIRSHIP Project, PTDC/AAG-MAA/1581/2014), CESAM, University of Aveiro.
2012 Sep - 2018 Feb: PhD student (SFRH/BD/87468/2012), University of Aveiro, Portugal.
2012 Feb - 2013 Jan: Research grant holder (CV-DUST Project, PTDC/AAC-CLI/100331/2008), CESAM, University of Aveiro.
2011 Jan - 2011 Jul: Internship through Leonardo da Vinci programme in the Meteorological and Air Quality Group of Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands.


2009 Aug - 2010 Dec: Environmental technician at UVW – Modelling of Environmental Systems, Aveiro, Portugal.
2007 Aug - 2009 Jul: Environmental technician at Sondar – Air Sampling and Technologies, Aveiro, Portugal.



FIREURISK - Developing a holistic risk-wise strategy for european wildfire management See more

SmokeStorm - Forecasting and communicating wildland fire smoke effects See more

ATLACE - ATLantic interactions via atmospheric water cycle: exploiting a unique dataset from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition for better understanding of clouds and precipitation See more

FIRESTORM - Weather and Behaviour of Fire Storms See more

ARTUR - The impact of air quality on the competitiveness of the tourism destinations See more

DOUROZONE – Ozone risk for Douro´s vineyards in present and future climates See more

AIRSHIP - Impact of maritime and port emissions in the air quality of Portugal: present and future scenarios. A regional and local scale approach See more

MAPLIA - Moving from Air Pollution to Local Integrated Assessment See more

APPRAISAL— Air Pollution Policies foR Assessment of Integrated Strategies At regional and Local scales See more

CV-Dust - Atmospheric aerosol in Cape Verde region: seasonal evaluation of composition, sources and transport See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Main Supervisor): Cátia Lavínia Gonçalves (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Beatriz Martins (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Ana Rita Simões Carvalho (not a CESAM member)

Project (Master in Environmental Studies) (Co-supervisor): Ján Jankovic (not a CESAM member)

Project (Master in Environmental Studies) (Co-supervisor): Luis Araújo Santos (not a CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: