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title Wavelets-based clustering of air quality monitoring sites
authors Gouveia, S; Scotto, MG; Monteiro, A; Alonso, AM
author full name Gouveia, Sonia; Scotto, Manuel G.; Monteiro, Alexandra; Alonso, Andres M.
title Wavelets-based clustering of air quality monitoring sites
nationality internacional
language English
document type Article
author keywords Air quality monitoring stations; Ozone; Nitrous oxide; Wavelets; Classification; Clustering
abstract This paper aims at providing a variance/covariance profile of a set of 36 monitoring stations measuring ozone (O-3) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) hourly concentrations, collected over the period 2005-2013, in Portugal mainland. The resulting individual profiles are embedded in a wavelet decomposition-based clustering algorithm in order to identify groups of stations exhibiting similar profiles. The results of the cluster analysis identify three groups of stations, namely urban, suburban/urban/rural, and a third group containing all but one rural stations. The results clearly indicate a geographical pattern among urban stations, distinguishing those located in Lisbon area from those located in Oporto/North. Furthermore, for urban stations, intra-diurnal and daily time scales exhibit the highest variance. This is due to the more relevant chemical activity occurring in high NO2 emissions areas which are responsible for high variability on daily profiles. These chemical processes also explain the reason for NO2 and O-3 being highly negatively cross-correlated in suburban and urban sites as compared with rural stations. Finally, the clustering analysis also identifies sites which need revision concerning classification according to environment/ influence type.
author address [Gouveia, Sonia] Univ Aveiro, Inst Engn Elect & Informat Aveiro IEETA, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Gouveia, Sonia] Univ Aveiro, Ctr I&D Matemat & Aplicacoes, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Scotto, Manuel G.] Univ Lisbon, Inst Super Tecn, CEMAT, P-1699 Lisbon, Portugal; [Monteiro, Alexandra] Univ Aveiro, Ctr Environm Marine Studies CESAM, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Monteiro, Alexandra] Univ Aveiro, Dept Environm & Planning, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Alonso, Andres M.] Univ Carlos III Madrid, Dept Stat, Madrid, Spain; Univ Carlos III Madrid, INEACU, Madrid, Spain
reprint address Gouveia, S (reprint author), Univ Aveiro, Inst Engn Elect & Informat Aveiro IEETA, Campo Univ Santiago, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal.
e-mail address sonia.gouveia@ua.pt
funding agency and grant number Portuguese Funds through FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology [UID/CEC/00127/2013, Incentivo/EEI/UI0127/2014, UID/MAT/04106/2013]; FCT through POPH - QREN programme [SFRH/BPD/87037/2012]; CICYT (Spain) [ECO2011-25706, ECO2012-38442]
funding text This work was supported by Portuguese Funds through FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, in the context of the projects UID/CEC/00127/2013 and Incentivo/EEI/UI0127/2014 (IEETA/UA, Instituto de Engenharia Electronica e Informatica de Aveiro, www.ieeta.pt) and UID/MAT/04106/2013 (CIDMA/UA, Centro de I&D em Matematica e Aplicacoes, www.cidma.mat.ua.pt). S. Gouveia acknowledges the postdoctoral grant by FCT (ref. SFRH/BPD/87037/2012), financed through POPH - QREN programme (European Social Fund and Nacional funds). Andres M. Alonso acknowledges the support of CICYT (Spain) Grants ECO2011-25706 and ECO2012-38442. The authors also gratefully acknowledge to the Portuguese Environmental Agency for providing the air quality monitoring data.
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cited reference count 39
publisher SPRINGER
publisher city DORDRECHT
issn 0167-6369
29-character source abbreviation ENVIRON MONIT ASSESS
iso source abbreviation Environ. Monit. Assess.
publication date NOV
year published 2015
volume 187
issue 11
article number UNSP 694
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1007/s10661-015-4901-z
page count 14
web of science category Environmental Sciences
subject category Environmental Sciences & Ecology
document delivery number CV0SS
unique article identifier WOS:000363964000036
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