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  João Oliveira  
  Phone: 234370724  
  e-mail: jabpo@ua.pt  
  Category: Associate Prof  
  Department: Chemistry  
  Research group: Environ. Processes and Pollutants
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Personal data

Academic Record:Chemical Eng., Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, July 1976. Ph. D. Chemistry, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Virginia, USA, August 1985

Positions held:  University of Aveiro, Associate Professor from 1996.  University of Aveiro, Assistant Professor, 1986-1996  University of Aveiro, Teaching Assistant, 1978-1981, 1985-1986  University of Virginia, Teaching Assistant, 1981-1985. Instituto Superior Técnico, Monitor, 1975-1976. COMETNA (National Metalurgical Company), Laboratory Head, 1976-1978.

Research fields
Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Present :
Chemical Sensors, Chemometrics, Instrumental Interfaces.
Scientific Supervision
Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Alisa Rudnitskaya

PhD (Main Supervisor): Mário Jorge Oliveira Barros
(not a CESAM member)
PhD (Main Supervisor): Maria da Conceição Vaz Angélico
(not a CESAM member)
PhD (Main Supervisor): Teresa Rocha Santos
PhD (Co-supervisor): Marta Veríssimo

Master (Main Supervisor): Joana Alves Lavrador Reis
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Camilo Bertolt Viveros
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Antonio Alexandre Ferreira da Silva
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Mario Jorge de Oliveira Barros
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Filomena Maria Ferreira Coutinho
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Célia Maria Oliveira Lopes
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Daniela Costa Lucas
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Vera Marta Almeida Gomes
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Cristina Maria Moniz Graça
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Eliana Filipa Carrinho Simões
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Sara Almeida Ferro
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Cristina Andreia Castro Correia
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Daniela Sofia Marques Rebelo
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Main Supervisor): Sara Daniela Silva Rodrigues
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Cândida Adelaide de Sousa Lima Nogueira
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Rui Climaco Pinto
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Adalberto Filomeno Carvalho Santos Vieira
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Maria Jorge Pratas de Melo Pinto
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Sara Isabel Fateixa
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Luís Isidro Pires dos Reis
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Catarina Maia Seco Seiça Neves
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Inês Margarida Pereira Rodrigues da Silva
(not a CESAM member)
Master (Co-supervisor): Ana Catarina Gomes dos Santos
(not a CESAM member)

  1. Pais V.F., Verissimo M.I.S., Oliveira J.A.B.P., Gomes M.T.S.R. (2015) Using acoustic wave sensors to follow milk coagulation and to separate the cheeses according to the milk. Sensors And Actuators B-chemical. 207, 1121-1128. (see details) ISI paper
    Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.snb.2014.10.025
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  2. João Oliveira and Isabel Malaquias Bringing back old Physics and Chemistry instruments to life: from secondary schools to the general public. (see details)