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Ulisses Azeiteiro is a co-editor of the book "Amazonia Towards 2050: Addressing Land Use, Local People and Biodiversity Conservation Issues"

Ulisses Azeiteiro is a co-editor of the book "Amazonia Towards 2050: Addressing Land Use, Local People and Biodiversity Conservation Issues"

The Amazon region, which spans across  Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, an overseas territory of France, plays a key role as  host of the world´s largest pool of biodiversity. But it is also a region characterised by wide spread environmental degradation, partly related to land use and economic activities which endangers this biodiversity, and the well being of localpopulations.

There is a pressing need to continously monitor, document and report on experiences which focus on matters related to land use and biodiversity conservation, along with their many ramifications. It is for this reason that the book "The Amazon Region: Addressing Land Use and Biodiversity Conservation Issues" is being prepared.

This book intends to bring together a valuable collection of case studies and conceptual approaches that outline the present state of the Amazon region, and describe examples of initiatives, projects, practices as well as innovative thinking and policy-making, which may help towards a better understanding of the many problems the region faces. By means of a combination of scientific information on ecological aspects and papers dealing with socio-economic issues, the book intends to support future policy-making in an area whose problems and local and regional in nature, but whose impacts may influence the world´s environment balance.

It will be produced as part of the world´s leading peer-reviewed book series on sustainability:

This book fills a gap in the literature on the Amazonia and the many threats it faces, from deforestation and uncontrolled agriculture, to the abuse of the rights of indigenous people.The list of topics the boook includes (but is not limited to) the following themes:

* Amazon and land use issues
* Biodiversity conservation
* Issues related to indigenous people
* Ecological threats by fires
* Territorial management
* Natural resources management
* Food security
* Poverty and social justice
* Sustainable development prospects

Expressions of interest to contribute to the book, consisting of a 200 words abstract with all contact data from the authors, should be sent to Andréia Setti at: The deadline for abstracts is 10th January 2022. Full papers are due by 20th February 2022. Further details will be shared with the selected authors.

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