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Tânia Daniela da Silva Vidal

Tânia Daniela da Silva Vidal

Pós-Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Researcher ID B-7566-2014
  • ORCID ID-0000-0002-2846-1306
  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Ecotoxicology
  • Title: Novel Approaches in Water Quality Evaluation in Lotic Ecossystems: Going beyond the WFD Supervisor: Prof. Doutor Fernando Gonçalves Category: BO Grant type: BPD Funding entity: FCT Grant reference: SFRH/BPD/94562/2013 Start date: 2014-03-01 End date: 2020-02-28

Research interests

Freshwater lotic ecological status
Water Framework Directive

Academic degrees

Jully 2013 - PhD on Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology
Nov 2005 - Degree in Biology

Scientific activities

Ecotoxicology applied to water ecological status evaluation



ReACT - Risk assessment in Fildes Peninsula: improving knowledge towards environmental protection ACTions in the Antarctica See more

Hg-PLANKTARCTIC - Unravelling interactions between phyto- and zooplankton and mercury cycling in Deception Island waters impacted by volcanic-mercury See more

SHIFT - Can we SHIFT to cost-effective bioassays with periphyton to enforce the risk assessment of pollutants in lotic ecosystems? See more

VITAQUA: Climate change: an additional threat to aquatic systems under intensive pressure from agricultural diffuse pollution See more

Scientific Supervision

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Martha Santos (not a CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Libânia Queirós (not a CESAM member)

Interests in investigation

Ecotoxicology, Limnology, WFD, freshwater lothic ecossystems, freshwater periphyton communities

Academic Degrees

2000-2005- Degree on Biologia at University of Aveiro

2009-2013- PhD in Doctoral Program in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Biology at the University of Aveiro. (

March 2013-February 2017- Pós-Doc Research Fellow at the University of Aveiro

CESAM Funding: