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Sónia Cruz

Sónia Cruz

Assistant Researcher

  • Researcher ID F-6165-2011
  • ORCID 0000-0003-4775-8161
  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor : Researcher ID: F-6165-2011

Research interests

Algae eco-physiology, in particular: physiological photoprotective mecanisms in micro- and macroalgae & applied photobiology for algae biomass production.

Marine photosynthetic symbiosis, in particular: functional kleptoplasty in Metazoa, physiological and behavioural photoprotective responses against oxidative stress, sacoglossan sea slugs biology.

Academic degrees

2010 – PhD in Biology, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
2004 – First degree in Biology, University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Scientific activities

2017 - Present: coordinator of CESAM Research Group in Marine Biotechnology & Aquaculture



CtLight: Effects of light on the photobiology and growth of the commercially valuable macroalgae Codium tomentosum See more

Omics4Algae - Lipidomic tools for chemical phenotyping, traceability and valorisation of seaweeds from aquaculture as a sustainable source of high added-value compounds See more

TraSeafood - Tracing the Geographic Origin of Seafood as a Pathway Towards the Smart Valorization of Endogenous Marine Resources See more

HULK - Functional Chloroplasts inside Animal cells: cracking the puzzle See more

PhotoSymbiOxiS - Physiological and behavioural photoprotective processes against oxidative stress in marine photosynthetic symbioses See more

Scientific Supervision

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Paulo Cartaxana (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Cátia Carreira (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Felisa Rey Eiras (CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Luca Morelli (not a CESAM member)

Master (Main Supervisor): Mariana Ribeiro (not a CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: