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  • Authors Kindlmann, P., Ameixa, O.M.C.C. and Dixon, A.F.G.
  • Editors H.E. Roy, P. De Clercq, L.-J. Lawson Handley, J.J. Sloggett, R.L. Poland, E. Wajnberg
  • Title Invasive Alien Arthropod Predators and Parasitoids: An Ecological Approach
  • Chapter Title Ecological effects of invasive alien species on native communities, with particular emphasis on the interactions between aphids and ladybirds
  • Nationality nacional
  • Publisher SPRINGER
  • Publisher City DORDRECHT
  • ISBN ISBN 978-94-007-2708-3
  • Year Published 2012
  • Beginning Page 95
  • Ending Page 102
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