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title Titanobochica, surprising discovery of a new cave-dwelling genus from southern Portugal (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae)
authors Reboleira, ASPS; Zaragoza, JA; Goncalves, F; Oromi, P
author full name Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Zaragoza, Juan A.; Goncalves, Fernando; Oromi, Pedro
title Titanobochica, surprising discovery of a new cave-dwelling genus from southern Portugal (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae)
nationality internacional
source ZOOTAXA
language English
document type Article
author keywords Pseudoscorpiones; Bochicidae; relict; cave; Algarve; Portugal; Iberian Peninsula
abstract The new genus Titanobochica is described for Titanobochica magna sp. nov. from caves of the Algarve karstic massif, in Portugal. The new genus is assigned to the family Bochicidae and its particular characteristics and geographical isolation suggest a relictual condition. A key to the genera of Bochicidae is provided. The composition of the cave-dwelling fauna of the Algarve province is also discussed.
author address [Zaragoza, Juan A.] Univ Alicante, Fac Ciencias, Dept Ecol, E-03080 Alicante, Spain; [Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Goncalves, Fernando] Univ Aveiro, CESAM Ctr Estudos Ambiente & Mar, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Reboleira, Ana Sofia P. S.; Goncalves, Fernando] Univ Aveiro, Dept Biol, P-3810193 Aveiro, Portugal; [Oromi, Pedro] Univ La Laguna, Fac Biol, Dept Biol Anim, E-38206 Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
e-mail address sreboleira@ua.pt
funding agency and grant number Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, Portugal) [SFRH/BD/45744/2008]
funding text Authors are indebted to Dr Volker Mahnert (MHNG) and Dr Mark Harvey ( Western Australian Museum, Perth) for their helpful comments and suggestions to improve the manuscript. We express our gratitude to F. Tata Regala, Antonio Perez and Rosa Cerqueira for their constant support in the fieldwork. This work would have been impossible without the caving support of the following Portuguese groups: Associacao Geonauta; Centro de Estudos Espeleologicos e Arqueologicos do Algarve; and Aveiro University Caving Club ( NEUA). We also thank Carlos Costa Almeida for his help selecting the caves. We are indebted to Antonio Calado for his help during the critical point drying process and helpful comments about SEM, and to Marta Ferro for her support with SEM photography. Thanks also to Dr Carlos Prieto ( Departamento de Zoologia y Biologia Celular Animal, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Universidad del Pais Vasco) for his help with the map of the Iberian peninsula in figure 1. The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, Portugal) financed A. S. P. S. Reboleira by means of a Ph.D. grant (SFRH/BD/45744/2008). All specimens were collected with the permit of Instituto de Conservacao da Natureza e da Biodiversidade.
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cited reference count 45
times cited 9
total times cited count (wos, bci, and cscd) 9
publisher city AUCKLAND
publisher address PO BOX 41383, AUCKLAND, ST LUKES 1030, NEW ZEALAND
issn 1175-5326
iso source abbreviation ZOOTAXA
publication date Zootaxa
year published 2010
volume 2681
beginning page 1
ending page 19
web of science category 19
subject category Zoology
document delivery number Zoology
unique article identifier 682DG
link http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2010/f/z02681p019f.pdf