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Nuno J. &, Dionísio G. (in press). Saya de Malha Banks. In: Biomes and Ecosystems: An Ecyclopedia. Golson Media. , Ver mais
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Pita C. (in press). Establishing a network of marine protected areas in Scotland: The participation of the fishing industry. . In: Sustainability in the 21st century: the power of dialogue. MARGov Project – Collaborative Governance of Marine Protected Areas. Lisboa, Portugal. Fundação Luso-Americana. , Ver mais
Ferreira,A.J.D., Tavares J, , Batista,I., Coelho,C.O.A., Reis ,A: , Varela,L., Bentub,J. (in press). Efficiency of overland and erosion mitigation techniques at Ribeira Seca, Santiago Island, Cape Verde. In: Hydrological Science and Engineering Book Séries. (EDS.), Surface Runoff and Overland Flow. Nova Science Publishers, . , Ver mais
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Correia E, Dias E, Catry P (in prep). Peixes. In: : Catry P, Regalla A . (EDS.), Parque Nacional Marinho João Vieira e Poilão: Biodiversidade e Conservação . IBAP – Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas, Bissau. , Ver mais
Lourenço J., Mendo S., Pereira R. (2019). Rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated soil: Use of Bioremediation/Phytoremediation techniques. In: Gupta D.K., Voronina A.. (EDS.), Remediation Measures for Radioactively Contaminated Areas. Cham. Springer. , 163-200. Ver mais
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Ameixa, OMCC, Soares AO, Soares, AMVM, Lillebø, AI (2018). Ecosystem Services Provided by the Little Things That Run the World. In: Bülent Şen and Oscar Grillo. (EDS.), Selected Studies in Biodiversity. IntechOpen. , 978-1-78923-233-2. Ver mais
Regina M. B. O. Duarte, João. T. V. Matos, Armando C. Duarte (2018). Chromatographic response functions. In: Łukasz Komsta, Yvan Vander Heyden, Joseph Sherma. (EDS.), Chemometrics in Chromatography. CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group. , 25-44. 9781498772532 . Ver mais
Vagi M.C., Petsas A.S., Pavlaki M.D., Kostopoulou M.N. and Smaragdaki N.M. (2018). Toxic effects of the organophosphorus insecticide fenthion on growth and chlorophyll production activity of unicellular marine microalgae Tetraselmis suecica – Comparison between observed and predicted endpoint toxicity data. In: Insecticides - Agriculture and Toxicology. , 978-1-78923-167-0. Ver mais
Maria de Lourdes Pereira, José Coelho, Renata Tavares, Henrique M. A. C. Fonseca, Virgília Silva, Paula P. Gonçalves, and Fernando Garcia e Costa (2018). The Contribution of Light Microscopy to Study Male Reprotoxicity of Cadmium. In: Microscopy Applied to Materials Sciences and Life Sciences. Apple Academic Press. , 9781351251587. Ver mais
Beça P., Amado P., Antunes M.J., Matos M., Ferreira E., Alves A., Couto A., Marques R., Pinho R., Lopes L., Carvalho J. & Fonseca C. (2018). From Technological Specifications to Beta Version: The Development of the Imprint+ Web App. In: Citizen, Territory and Technologies: Smart Learning Contexts and Practices. Springer. 80 , 179-188. 978-3-319-61322-2. Ver mais
Pascual-Fernandez, J., Pita, C., Hosupeit, H., Said, A., and Rodrigues, J (2018). Markets, Distribution, and Value Chains in Small-Scale Fisheries: A Special Focus on Europe. In: R. Chuenpagdee & S. Jentoft . (EDS.), Transdisciplinarity for Small-Scale Fisheries Governance. Springer International Publications. 21 , 141-162. 978-3-319-94938-3. Ver mais
Regina M.B.O. Duarte, João T.V. Matos, Nicola Senesi (2018). Chapter 5 - Organic Pollutants in Soils. In: Duarte, A., Cachada, A., Rocha-Santos, T.. (EDS.), Soil Pollution: From Monitoring to Remediation (Chapter 5). , 103-126. 9780128498736 . Ver mais
Abrantes N., Campos I., Ré A., Keizer J.J. (2017). An Assessment of the Toxicity of Ash-Loaded Runoff . In: António José Bento Gonçalves, António Avelino Batista Vieira, Maria Rosário Melo Costa, José Tadeu Marques Aranha. (EDS.), Wildfires: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges of the 21st centuary. NOVA, Science publishers. , Ver mais
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