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Celeste Coelho

Celeste Coelho

Full Professor

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  • ORCID: 0000-0003-1641-2483
  • Ciencia ID: BE1E-7D7C-8277
  • Department: Environment and Planning
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=(Coelho C or Coelho COA) AND AD=(Swansea or Aveiro not (Dept Chem or Dept Civil Eng or Dept Chem or Dept Civil Engn or Dept Civil Engineer or Civil Engn Autonomous Sect or RISCO or GEOBIOTEC or DETI IEETA or EPE))

Research interests

Fields od specialisation:
1. Hydrogeomorphology
2. Applied Physical geography
3. Natural Resources Planning and Management

Actual research interests:
1. Hydrology and Integrated Watershed Management
2. Desertification and Land Degradation Processes (environmental and socio-economic dimensions)
3. Integrated Coastal Zone Planning and Management

Academic degrees

University degree in Geography by the Claasic University of Lisbon, Portugal, in 1970
PhD by the University of Aberdeen, U.K., in 1980
"Doutoramento" in Applied Environmental Sciences by the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in 1983
Aggregation by the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in 19981970 – 1978 Assistant, University Lourenço Marques, Moçambique

Scientific activities

1978 – 1979 Lecturer, University Eduardo Mondlane, Moçambique
1979 – 1985 Assistant, University of Porto, Portugal
1985 – 1991 Lecturer, University of Aveiro, Portugal
1991 – 1998 Reader, University of Aveiro, Portugal
1998 – 2000 Reader with Aggregation, University of Aveiro, Portugal
> 2000 Full Professor, University of Aveiro, Portugal



ShareFOREST - Sharing decisions in forests – participatory methodology for public and stakeholder engagement in the protection and valorisation of forests in Portugal See more

RECARE - Preventing and Remediating degradation of soils in Europe through Land See more

Impacts of afforestation and climate variability on water-related ecosystem services in Mediterranean river basins See more

TPEA - Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic See more

FRURB - Managing flood risk in urban areas in a global change context See more

SPRES - Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales See more

Aqua_Add - Deploying the added value of water in local and regional development See more

CASCADE - CAtastrophic Shifts in drylands: how CAn we prevent ecosystem DEgradation See more

IB-TWM - Iberian Trans-boundary Water Management: experiences from the past and approaches for the future See more

ForeStake - The role of local stakeholders to the success of forest policy in areas affected by fire in Portugal See more

Estudo de Caracterização para o Reordenamento e a Valorização dos Núcleos Piscatórios Lagunares. See more

HIDRIA - A multi-stage approach for addressing input data uncertainties in process-based rainfall-runoff modelling for small forested catchments upstream of the Ria de Aveiro See more

RECOVER -Immediate soil management strategy for recovery after forest fires See more

EROSFIRE II - A GIS-tool for slope-to-catchment-scale soil conservation management following forest wildfires See more

DESIRE: Desertification mitigation and remediation of land. A global approach for local solutions See more

TRADWATER – Use of traditional knowledge to attain water sustainable management under different climate change scenarios See more

EVALUSE – Environmental Vulnerability of Aljustrel Mining Area in terms of Land Use See more

EROSFIRE - A model-based, decision-support tool for soil erosion hazard assessment following forest wildfires See more

PHOENIX – Forest reconversion in burnt areas See more

Recuperação de Áreas Ardidas See more

INUNDA – Actions Pilote de Prévention des Risques d’Inondation dans des Zones Fortement Urbanisées See more

e-EcoRisk: Rede Regional Empresarial e Sistema de Suporte à Decisão para a Gestão do Risco Ambiental e de Derrames Industriais de Grande-Escala See more

CLIMED - Effects of climate change and climate variability on water availability and water management practices in Western Mediterranean See more

Scientific Supervision

Investigador Auxiliar (Main Supervisor): Jan Jacob Keizer (ex-CESAM member)

Investigador Auxiliar (Main Supervisor): Peter Cornelis Roebeling (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Cristina Ribeiro (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Nisete Augusta de Amigo (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Anne-Karine Boulet (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Sandra M. Valente (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Neda T. Farsani (not a CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Moisés Lucas (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Carla Sofia Santos Ferreira (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Moisés Lucas (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Catarina Maduro Rasquilha Simal de Lemos (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Alfredo Muacahila (not a CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Sandra M. Valente (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Dalila do Rosário Encarnação Serpa (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Maruxa Malvar Cortizo (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Sérgio Prats Alegre (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): João Pedro Carvalho Nunes (ex-CESAM member)

Personal details

Born in Penhascoso (Mação), Portugal, in 1944 

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020