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João Serôdio

João Serôdio

Assistant Professor with Habilitation

  • Author Name : Serôdio J.

  • Researcher ID: B-8201-2008
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-9047-1740
  • Ciencia ID: 0A18-AAA3-78FD
  • Department: Biology
  • Research Group: Coastal and Deep-Ocean Ecology & Conservation (CDEC)
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: AU=((Serodio J) NOT (Serodio JF)) AND AD=(Aveiro OR Lisb*)

Research interests

Photobiology and ecophysiology of marine primary producers.
Photophysiology and productivity of phytoplankton, microphytobenthos, and seagrasses.
Marine photosynthetic symbioses, corals and kleptoplasty.
Photoprotection mechanisms and photoinhibition.
Bioimaging of photosynthesis.
Modelling of carbon fixation and primary production in estuarine environments.

Academic degrees

2016 – Habilitation (“Agregação”) in Biology, University of Aveiro
1999 – Ph.D. in Biology (Ecology and Biosystematics), University of Lisbon
1993 – M.Sc. in Probability and Statistics, University of Lisbon
1989 – Bachelor (“Licenciatura”) in Biology, University of Lisbon

Scientific activities

Participation in research projects, as Principal Investigator or as team member, including european projects
Evaluation of research projects proposals for national and international funding agencies
Member of evaluation panel of FCT for Post-Doc and PhD fellowships (Biological Sciences)
Peer review for international journals


Functional Phycology Laboratory



EPIBOOST - BOOSting excellence in environmental EPIgenetics See more

NASCADIA – Natural photonic nanostructures: From implications in diatoms towards next generation nanobiodevices See more

POLLINATE - Can biochar-engineered soils boost habitat use for pollinators in Portuguese sown biodiverse pastures? See more

SEARCHLIGHT - Diatom motility as driver of estuarine microphytobenthos productivity: species-specific photobehavior, photoprotection strategies, and light sensing mechanisms See more

MicroNiche – Exploring the endolithic niche of coral symbiotic microalgae inside reef sand grains See more

PLANTA II- Role of salt-marsh plants in the mercury cycle under climate change scenarios: tracking the fate in light of toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic data See more

EvoSym - Sea slug genome evolution and adaptation to establish photosynthetic symbiosis See more

Symbiolite – A novel microbial-algal calcification process driven by coral symbiotic algae: Structure, function, ecological role and evolutionary significance See more

MCES - The Economic Valuation and Governance of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services See more

PhotoSymbiOxiS - Physiological and behavioural photoprotective processes against oxidative stress in marine photosynthetic symbioses See more

BioChangeR: Biogeochemical Processes induced by Climate and Anthropogenic Circulation Changes - The Case Study of Ria de Aveiro (Portugal) See more

Photoinhibition of benthic diatoms: a limiting factor of the productivity of estuarine intertidal flats See more

SymbioCoRe - SYnergies through Merging BIOlogical and biogeochemical expertise in COral REsearch See more

LTER-RAVE - Long term monitoring in the Ria de Aveiro: towards a deeper understanding of ecological, environmental and economic processes See more

LAGOONS - Integrated water resources and coastal zone management in European lagoons in the context of climate change See more

SeReZoox - Sexual reproduction of zooxanthellae: an overlooked aspect of coral bleaching? See more

MigROS – The ‘behavioural photoprotection’ hypothesis revisited: coupling between vertical migration and photooxidative stress in estuarine microphytobenthos biofilms See more

DyEPlume - Estuarine Dynamics and Plume Propagation in the Portuguese Coast – Impacts of Climate Change See more

EEMA - Ecological quality status of coastal and transitional waters See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Cláudio Alexandre Tabaio Brandão (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Silja Frankenbach (CESAM member)

PhD (Main Supervisor): Joao Paulo F. Ezequiel (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Gisela Dionísio (ex-CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Cláudio Alexandre Tabaio Brandão (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Rui Jorge Miranda Rocha (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Miguel Albuquerque da Costa Leal (CESAM member)

PhD (Co-supervisor): Helena Coelho (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Matthew Nitschke (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Jörg Christian Frommlet (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Martin Laviale (ex-CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Jörg Christian Frommlet (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Main Supervisor): Gregor Christa (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Sónia Marisa Gonçalves da Cruz (CESAM member)

Post-doc (Co-supervisor): Ana I. Sousa (CESAM member)

CESAM Funding: UIDP/50017/2020 + UIDB/50017/2020 + LA/P/0094/2020


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