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Flávio Castro Silva

Flávio Castro Silva

Assistant Researcher

  • Researcher ID: A-6505-2008
  • ORCID: 0000-0001-7025-0601
  • Department: Environment and Planning
  • Research Group: Coastal Zone Planning & Manag.
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor: Author Identifiers=(A-6505-2008)

Research interests

-Environmental engineering towards pollution control, resource recovery and ecosystem resilience

-Bioreactor engineering for environmental remediation (waste, water and soil treatment) and biorefinery (biogas, biohydrogen, nutrients, polyhydroxyalkanoates, building blocks)

-Modelling of bioprocesses with mixed microbiomes

-Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous dynamics

-Biochar production and application

-Soil restoration through (bio)chemical processes

** PT **

-Engenharia do ambiente para controlo de poluição, reutilização de recursos e resiliência de ecossistemas

-Engenharia de biorreactores para remediação ambiental (tratamento de resíduos, águas e solos) e biorrefinaria (biogás, hidrogénio, nutrientes, poli-hidroxialcanoatos e compostos químicos precursores)

-Modelação de bioprocessos envolvendo microbiomas mistos

-Dinâmicas de carbono, azoto e fósforo

-Produção e aplicação de biochar

-Remediação de solos através de processos (bio)químicos

Academic degrees

Licenciate (5-year) Environmental Engineering - University of Aveiro.

MSc Environmental Engineering (waste/water management and treatment profile) - University of Aveiro.

PhD Environmental Sciences and Engineering (environmental biotechnology and biorefinery profile) - University of Aveiro.

Scientific activities

BSc Research Fellow (SIME 40/00905) UA/CESAM (2006-2008).

MSc Research Fellow (SIME 40/00905) UA/CESAM (2008-2009).

PhD Research Fellow (FCT SFRH/BD/46845/2008) UA/CESAM (2009-2013).

Assistant Lecturer - Laboratories of the courses of: Biological Effluents Treatment; Atmospheric Pollution; Graduation Project; Master Thesis. UA/DAO (2010).

PhD Research Fellow (PTDC/AAC-AMB/111316/2009) UA/CESAM (2013-2014)

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (FCT EXPL/AGR-FOR/0549/2013) UA/CESAM (2014-2015).

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (EU-FP7 603498) UA/CESAM (2015-2017).

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (EU LIFE 14 ENV/PT/000369) UA/CESAM (2017-2019).

Assistant Researcher in Environmental Sciences and Engineering - Environmental Technologies (Jan/2019 - present) - Contract Researcher under Decree-Law 57/2016 Art.23rd - Transitional Rule.



-UATEC Empreende+ 2011 award in the category of Young Innovative Entrepreneurship with the project "EcoBioSys";

-Grant award for the 3rd European Biochar Summer School, venue in Seville, March 2015 (European Biochar Research Network;



LIFE NoWaste - Management Of Biomass Ash And Organic Waste In The Recovery Of Degraded Soils: A Pilot Project Set In Portugal See more

DRuMBEAT - Dirt-based microorganisms towards soil bioremediation of multiple contaminants See more

EXPLOCHAR: Exploring mechanisms of reducing drought and disease stress in eucalypt seedlings by applying biochar to soils See more

ECOBIOTEC - Ecobiotechnology based on the use of mixed microbial consortium producing PHA from waste carbon sources See more

POLIBIO: Biopolymers production as a new concept on wastewater treatment See more

Scientific Supervision

Master (Co-supervisor): Daniela Gomes Fernandes (not a CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Ana Rita Lopes (CESAM member)

Master (Co-supervisor): Gabriel Filipe de Sousa Pimpão (not a CESAM member)

Internship (Co-supervisor): Els van der Spek (not a CESAM member)


Silva FC, Nadais H, Arroja L, Serafim LS, Capela I. Process for converting organic wastes into value-added materials [patent granted 2018-03-14, no. 108093 - BOPI no. 55/2018 de 19-03-2018]


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Member of the COST action NEREUS ES 1403: "New and Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Wastewater Reuse" (WG 4)

Collaborator of the COST action TD 1107: “Biochar as option for sustainable resource management“

Member of the BINP (Biochar Investigation Network of Portugal)

Collaborator of the project RECARE

Collaborator of the ESP team (Earth Surface Processes)

Collaborator of the project No_Waste

Member of the OHM Estarreja (as also coordinator of the DRuMBEAT project)

Peer reviewing

-Water Environment Research
-Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
-Plant and Soil
-Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
-ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
-Electronic Journal of Biology
-CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water
-Ecological Engineering
-Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition


Organisation of scientific meetings

-Member of the organising committee of the Aveiro workshop of the project LIFE No_Waste"Sustainable Agriculture and the Re-Thinking of Fertilisers’ Regulations in a Context of Circular Economy" (Aveiro 27-02-2018)
-Member of the organising committee of the Aveiro workshop (01-12-2015 to 03-12-2015) titled "Hydrological and sediment connectivity following wildfires in Humid Mediterranean" of the COST Action ES1306: CONNECTEUR - Connecting European Connectivity Research

-Member of the organising committee of the Aveiro meeting (14-09-2015 to 18-09-2015) of the EU-FP7 project RECARE (grant agreement no: 603498) Work Package 6: “Testing and demonstration of prevention, remediation and restoration measures”

-Member of the organising committee of the Aveiro meeting (03-06-2014 to 04-06-2014) titled "Biochar in soils: on the path to the required level of scientific understanding"of the COST Action TD1107: Biochar as option for sustainable resource management

Teaching experience

Laboratories of: biological treatment; atmospheric pollution; graduation project; master thesis

CESAM Funding: