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Ana Teresa Luís

Ana Teresa Luís

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

  • Department: Biology and Geosciences
  • Research Group: Stress Biology
  • ISI Web of KnowledgeSM search factor : B-1282-2016

Short CV


2015-2018       Post-Doctoral Researcher at CESAM & GeoBioTec, University of Aveiro, Aveiro Portugal

2015                Post-Doctoral Researcher at CCMAR, Faro, Portugal

2014                Science Manager at OCEANUS, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal

2014                Executive Officer at OCEANO XXI, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

2013                PhD thesis in Biogeochemistry, University of Aveiro and University of Porto, Portugal

2012                Researcher in the Project REVAD (diatoms applied to nanotech), Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg

2008-2011       PhD Student at University of Aveiro and University of Porto, Portugal

2007                Master Degree in Geochemistry, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

2004                Trainee at the Water Lab of CCDR-Norte, Environmental Government, Porto, Portugal

2003                Graduation in Biology, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal



Scientific areas of interest:

Genetics, Ecology, Biochemistry, Ecotoxicology, Taxonomy of microalgae (mainly diatoms), Geochemistry, Nanotechnology, Environmental Tecnnology



- Application of diatoms as bioindicators of rivers' ecological state

- Geochemical studies in mining areas: effects of acid mine drainage in waters, sediments, and diatom communities

- Mining water treatment using SRB (sulphate reducing bacteria)

- Extreme Acid Environments: biogeochemical approach to assess, remediate and preserve

- Genetics of extreme microalgae

- Preparation, application and following of National and European projects



2015 BIOMETAL DEMO - Biometal demonstration plant for the biological rehabilitation of metal bearing-wastewaters   FP7ENV-2013-WATER INNO-DEMO / European Union

2012 REVAD - Nanoengineering of REversible ADhesion between a Metallic and a Polymer Surface: Tailoring of New Functional Surfaces by Combination of Nanotexturing and Plasma Polymerisation / FNR, Luxembourg

2009 Participation on diatom’s identification and final reports of the following projects:

Hydroelectric exploitation of Fridão in Tâmega River (04/2009);

Hydroelectric exploitation of Gouvães, Padroselos, Alto Tâmega e Daivões Rivers. (07/2009);

Hydroelectric exploitation of Girabolhos in Alto Mondego Basin (07/2009);

Environmental Study in Sabor River (09/2009)

Scientific Supervision

In progress


In progress
  • SOILSALT - Benchmark of soil salinization on "Baixo Vouga Lagunar" before the floodbank construction See more


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Luis A.T., Bonet B., Corcoll N., Almeida S.F.P., da Silva E.F., Figueira E., Guasch H. (2014) Experimental evaluation of the contribution of acidic pH and Fe concentration to the structure, function and tolerance to metals (Cu and Zn) exposure in fluvial biofilms. In: Ecotoxicology. 23, 7, 1270-1282.
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Other Papers (2)
Luís A.T., Ferreira F., Azevedo R. Biotecnologia marinha: um setor emergente no âmbito do Cluster do Conhecimento e Economia do Mar. . In: Série 2. Nº 5. I S S N 1 6 4 5 - 5 8 7 8, -pp. 6-7.
Ana T. Luís, Alexa C. Alexander, Salomé F. P. Almeida, Eduardo Ferreira da Silva and Joseph M. Culp Benthic diatom communities in streams from zinc mining areas in continental (Canada) and Mediterranean climates (Portugal). In: 42, 180-191.
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Ana Teresa Luís Integration of geochemical and biological modifications in mining areas. In: PhD Thesis.
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