BINP - Biochar Investigation Network of Portugal

The mission of BINP is to bring together people involved in biochar research and production in Portugal, to facilitate collaborations by providing a platform for networking, to disseminate national and international biochar news, funding opportunities, conferences and workshops.

The Board

Frank Verheijen - Ana Catarina Bastos  - Jan Jacob Keizer 

A joint initiative between the departments of Environment and Planning (DAO) and Biology (Dbio)

The IBI - International Biochar Initiative - has launched a Scientific Committee whose mission is to "critically assess and synthesize the scientific literature regarding the interactions between biochar and soils, the wider environment, and human health, and to provide an interface between science and the general public where the science is explained in a transparent and balanced way using broadly accessible language". The Science Committee is made up of 16 scientists from across the world, including Frank Verheijen from the University of Aveiro. The committee is currently working on several parts of the IBI website and their outputs will be advertised here as they come out.

Submit your manuscripts to new special issue "The Soil Biochar Loading Capacity—the Soil Is the Limit" in the journal "Agronomy".

Major new global meta-analysis on biochar and crop yield finds stronger increases in tropics and weaker in temperate regions than previously reported.

CESAM biochar and crop yield review paper is the most cited paper for the journal Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, SINCE 2011!

2188 people from 44 countries have visited the BINP website! (as of 27-02-2016).

SIC Noticias broadcast an episode of Seleção Agricultura, a 10 minute, weekly magazine about agriculture, where they interviewed the UA biochar team. 

New biochar special issue in the Journal of Soils and Sediments. 

More than 1800 people from 40 countries have visited the BINP website! (as of 28-07-2015).

Frank Verheijen & Ana Catarina Bastos published a book chapter in the 2nd edition of 'Biochar for Environmental Management', edited by Johannes Lehmann & Stephen Joseph. The chapter is titled 'Biochar Sustainability and Certification' and outlines a concept of how sustainable biochar would need to be certified both from the production perspective as well as the environmental application perspective.

The first Portuguese biochar exploratory project starts: EXPLOCHARThe aim is to establish if, and how, drought and disease stress in eucalypts may be reduced by biochar. 

More than 1200 people have visted the BINP website! (as of 21-08-2014).

BINP presents:
Biochar in soils: Reward vs. Risk
The first biochar seminar in Portugal!
Venue: Amphitheatre of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Building 22), University of Aveiro
Date & time: Thursday 5th June, 10:00 – 12:30

 New biochar special issue in the European Journal of Soil Science, edited by BINP members & colleagues.

CESAM biochar paper up to 3rd hottest paper in Agriculture Ecosystems & Enviroment. Cited 111 times in SCOPUS, and 182 times in Google Scholar citations.

Biosfera broadcasts a piece on our biochar work at the Vitivinicola da Bairrada.

New open-access publication from UA team & colleagues: Reductions in soil surface albedo as a function of biochar application rate: implications for global radiative forcing


RTP news interview about the biochar work of researchers at the Department of Environment and Planning (DAO) and Biology (Dbio), CESAM, University of Aveiro.

Major article in the Expresso national newspaper about the biochar work of researchers at the Department of Environment and Planning (DAO) and Biology (Dbio), CESAM, University of Aveiro.

New review paper on biochar stability and soil organisms in the European Journal of Soil Science.

CESAM biochar paper 4th hottest paper in 2012 (Agriculture Ecosystems & Enviroment). Cited 30 times in SCOPUS, and 49 times in Google Scholar citations.

CESAM biochar paper moves up to 5th place. 

CESAM biochar paper moves up to 6th place

European Biochar Certificate is launched

Biochar COST Action launches website

CESAM biochar paper is one of the 'hottest' again
An article in the multidisciplinary journal 'Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment', co-authored by CESAM researchers Frank Verheijen and Ana Catarina Bastos, has appeared in the top10 of the 'Top 25 Hottest Articles', for the second quarter consecutively.  Read more...

2012 US Biochar Conference Presentations

1st International Biochar Summer School - Biochar Crossroads 9-16 September, Potsdam, Germany